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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

First things first.... this is a running blog, so I will report on running. Sunday I ran the 11.2 for my long run. It started off feeling really easy and good and ended feeling a little tough, but we managed to keep a fairly honest pace and I was happy with our end time of 1:45. Boom.

Overall, I'm more interested in running now. I've been tweaking my fall racing schedule and thinking about what I really want to do and what I really should do. It's hard. There are so many races I want to run and so many places I want to go to race them. But, I also want to really improve and unfortunately I can't have it all. As of right now, I think I'm going to run a marathon in September instead of race it and then plan on racing in December. Yes, it sounds dumb when it's in writing (and when I say it... ugh). Running marathons all the time is not really conducive to running a spectacular goal marathon. But, when you have as many fucked up marathons as I do... it's kind of hard to give up blocks of time to focus on ONE race. (because, inevitably that race goes down the shitter anyway, literally). But, methinks that's exactly what I'm going to have to do in 2014. I am officially putting a website block on

What does this mean for my training? I have no idea at this point. Stay tuned.

ON TO MORE FUN THINGS... I had a great memorial day weekend and actually decided to take some pics!

First up, there was the event with my dad's other woman on Saturday:
Sara Ruth and the family.
Sara Ruth only competes a couple times a year
and I was happy to go and support her on Saturday.
(Sara Ruth: 1956 4 door chevy hardtop).

After that it was time to head down to The KoB's river house where we christened the official 2013 beer of the river:
5.9% alcohol? Don't mind if I do.

Leo also took his first boat ride...
River Dog.

And a couple of fish were caught. (Not by me, all I caught were trees and the bottom of the river).

To be fair, the other fish was bigger,
but I didn't get a picture of it. 
There was an epic game of yahtzee.
 4 Total Yahtzees in one game! Whoa.
Plus, I finally won something. Boom!

And overall, it was a fantastic weekend. A word of warning though... Be careful with that Ice beer...
You might just find yourself wandering around
aimlessly in a field of honeysuckle.

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Coach Bitch said...

Milwaukee's Best Ice!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!