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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Race Report: Petey’s 5K Face Off against Parkinson’s

Things to be happy about at a race when you don’t PR:

1. Jammin’ out in the car ride on the way to the race. Seriously, the Jason Aldean song “The Only Way I Know” is the BEST pump up song. I think it might have become my road race anthem (“Rocky Raccoon” will always be my trail race song). I even sang it to myself during the race.

2. Racing in your hometown. Even if it’s in a totally new part of town that is commercial and surburbia perfection (there’s a Talbot’s for heaven’s sake!) and even if your hometown has become so freaking big that you don’t know anyone there. We’ll just ignore the fact that my favorite road in the world was demolished for the fucking outdoor mall that we ran through. Paradise, parking lots, and change, man.

3. Racing for a good cause. Two of my best friends from college lost their grandpa’s to Parkinson’s. And I was touched at how the race organizer and the race announcer (yes! there was an announcer!) both got choked up talking about how they’ve been touched by the disease.

4. Racing with my mom! It’s been awhile since she’s raced and I was happy to see her cross the finish line again. I’m happy to report that her streak continues…. 2nd in her age group! Naturally, she always goes home with an age group award. She is a Run Bitch, after all.

5. RUNNING NEGATIVE SPLITS IN A 5K. WHAAAAAAT? Yes, that’s right. I ran negative splits! Paces according to my garmin were 7:23, 7:20, 7:16, 6:36 respectively. BOOOOOM, bitches!

6. Not feeling like death on a popsicle stick after the first mile. This race even had some rolling hills and I felt about 100x better than I did at the last 5K. I think having the KoB drill into my head that you just have to expect to hurt for 23 minutes is finally sinking in. TBD.

7. Schooling bitches. I wasn’t passed at all after the first mile. Annnnnd I passed all the bitches who were ahead of me that I wanted to beat.

8. Schooling bitches and getting 1st in my Age Group.

9. Getting my picture taken with a Nashville Predators Coach:
_DSC6267 Much cooler than a fucking duck with a band-aid on it’s head.

10. Running my 2nd fastest time for a 5K and my fastest time without a pacer. 23:00 Flat*. I was slightly disappointed because the math in my head was telling me I was going to PR… oh well. Next time.

*Redundant, yes?

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Carina said...

Sweet!!!! Nice job! Neg splits in a 5k on hills -- I think that's unheard of. 1 AG to boot!