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Friday, April 5, 2013

You can find me...

...At the intersection of stress and hormones.
Random Shit for a Friday:

1. I'm running a 5K tomorrow. For better or worse this week's workouts have not been so conducive to a PR attempt tomorrow. But, what the hell, I'll push for it anyway.

2. I have been running in the Nike Vomero's a bit and while I like them okay, they are a little tight for my wide as fuck feet.

3. Speaking of shoes, the Nimbus 15s are out and WTF they have increased in price ANOTHER FUCKING FIVE DOLLARS. We are now up to $145 MSRP. Ridic.

4. This thread (that I started... threadkiller no more, bitches! holla!) delivers. Quite inspiring.

5. I have been so cranky this spring in regards to the weather. I'm really hoping that today is the last day I'll have to pull out the tights to run in. I keep trying to tell myself to enjoy it while I can, cause in August I'm going to be bitching about the inferno that is Middle Tennesse in the summer... but, ugh. I'm so SICK OF COLD, DAMP, GREY SKIES.

6. I grew up with two older brothers. And when they weren't holding me down on the ground farting on my head or having me hold their GI Joes on a fence post while they shot BBs at them, they were always telling me to quit being so bossy. Seriously, everyone in the family called me the boss (and uhh.. still sometimes do)... so, I felt quite validated when I saw this clip of Sheryl Sandberg on the Daily Show:
yes, yes. That was me.
right. fucking stereotypes.
Seriously, though, she's right. It really chaps my ass.

Okay, I'm getting off the soapbox before someone has to yank me down...
Yeah, yeah, I'm done.
Have a good weekend!


Carina said...

Love that Daily Show clip, hadn't seen it before. So true! As an oldest sister, "bossy" may have had even more merit when leveled at me.

Carina said...

Also, I didn't read all of that thread, but I think my diff is more than most. Difference between my first and PR is 1hr 50 min. And first was actually not even my slowest (that was second). Curious as to what you think is a long shot or unreasonable. Obviously tons of variables as to how much one can improve.

chacha said...

LOL, yes. Women can't win - if they are assertive, they are bitchy and abrasive. If they aren't assertive, good luck moving up the corporate ladder.

Personally, I have come to accept that people aren't always going to like that I am straight forward and honest and, basically, I don't care. As long as I'm not mean or an asshole, they need to get over it.