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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pre-Racin' in Cali.

Last Friday KoB and I and two other couples boarded a plane and flew out to California.

 We're on a plane, bitches!

Our final destination was Santa Rosa, California for their marathon and half marathons. That's another post. This post is about what we did the day before the race.

After going to the expo, grabbing lunch, and then getting coffee an enormous cookie at a hippie coffee shop we decided to check out some redwoods.

Coach and I hanging out with Cheech and Chong.
What? You don't bring your coach with you to races?

I know you're supposed to stay off your feet the day before a race, but I gotta say, I enjoy strolling around stretching the legs a bit. Particularly after a day of flying.

What? You don't wear cowboy boots to hike?

You can't tell, but that's supposed to be some really old tree. 
Who the fuck really knows? All I know is that we saw a
couple of people running the .6 mile trail carrying water bottles.

See how into this shit we are?

Yup. Big ass trees.

After an hour or so of this nature-y, scenic bullshit it was time to get down to real business...

 Let's drink, Motherfuckers!

Now keep in mind that there was a race the next day, and while I knew that I could muddle through a half marathon being hungover, there were other bitches and sonsabitches on this trip that had "goals" in mind. So, they we tried to go a little easy on the drinking. 
The Denim Bitches sipping on sparkling at Korbel.

After Korbel, we moved onto some fancy dancy winery that had Chardonnay for $60. WTF? Anyway, we had no problems drinking their wine and eating a shit ton of their crackers. 
Hydration is important!

Real men bond over champagne flutes and dessert wine. 
(Jeff stole my "hands on the hips" pose. Bastard).

Once our little day excursion of trees and booze was over we headed out for a delicious pre-race meal of pizza and beer. And I may have had a nightcap when we got back to the hotel. Whoops. I'll tell you what though, I sure as hell slept well.

A great day with great friends. Next up: The Race.

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LAPT said...

God, you're so freakin' cute it kills me. ALSO, I am a stalker and so excited to see a real-clothes pic of your coach and...Cheryl? God I love them from afar like a true stalker does.

And um... I wanna see you again soon.