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Friday, August 31, 2012

Race Report: Santa Rosa Half Marathon

Let's go ahead and just get one thing out of the way... My goal for this race was to run around 1:50. Spoiler alert: I failed. But, my other goal was just to honest-to-god race the shit out of those 13.1 miles. And, I'm happy to report, I did accomplish that.

For whatever reason (probably because I was fucking wasted the night before), I was kind of a mess on Sunday morning. I got up and felt fine and got dressed and ready, but I hadn't laid anything out the night before, I hadn't pinned on my bib or put my tag on my shoe. Normally, these are all things I do the night before a race. All I did the night before this race was drink a beer in bed and pass out.

Regardless, I somehow managed to get out of the hotel room and into the car with my bib, shoe tag and the right clothes on. Win! About 3 minutes into the drive I realized... awwww fuck! I forgot my watch! Fail! KoB offered to turn around so I could go get it, but I didn't want to be late to meet our friends. "I'll be fine without my watch," I said casually to KoB. He said something like "oh sure." But his face was saying... "bitch, you are fucked."

Now, for some background, KoB was going to pace our friend Jeff who wanted to run a 3:15 marathon. Was it any coincidence that they're room number for the weekend was 315?!?!?! Whoa. Anyway, we met up with them and headed to the start line.

It was overcast and 51 degrees at the start. PERFECT weather. Melissa and I ran a little warm up lap and I lined up in the corral with about 3 minutes before the start. Realizing that running without a watch didn't turn out too well for me the last time I tried it (OMFG the 10k where I ran a 7:19 first mile. Holy hell). I decided to line up between the 3:45 and 3:50 marathon pace groups. I knew that the 3:45 pace for a marathon was similar to what I needed to run for a 1:50 half.

This race felt like the LONGEST race in history. When I saw the first mile marker, I was sure that it was the 2nd mile marker and that I had missed the 1st one. WRONG. Only 1 mile down and it felt like the second mile of a 5k. I wasn't running too fast, the 3:45 pace group was well in front of me, but I was racing.

I started picking people in front of me and trying to either pass them or keep up with them. I kept telling myself over and over again that I was racing and that it was supposed to feel like this. My legs felt pretty good and the pace felt like what a half marathon effort should be.

See how cute the Run Bitches look? Ugh. Fucking Bitches.

The Sonsabitches in the orange singlet and the white singlet behind the orange.

So, while the sonsabitches and bitches are looking good and racing their own races... I'm in the battle of my life at mile 6ish of the race. Not just any battle, mind you... but a battle against a MIDGET. I saw her ahead of me and I was like... is that a bitch a midget? And as I got closer, I was like... hell yeah she's a midget! And obviously, I can't let a midget beat me. So I picked it up to get around her and as soon as I passed her, she sped up to keep up with me.

The bridge and the camera angle are playing tricks.
This bitch was SHORT.

And of course, that's when I saw the goddamn photographer. Taking a picture of me running side by side with a dwarf. I was like, "okay dwarf bitch.. you wanna race this shit? Let's race." So, I picked it up and smoked her ass. And then I was like... goddamn, I just raced a fucking a midget in the middle of a half marathon. This is probably not going to end well for me. But, I am proud to say... that dwarf got schooled (nevermind the fact that I'm a regular size bitch and should have had no problems passing her. ugh).

The rest of the race was pretty much a blur of a shitfest. Racing is hard, y'all. Ugh. 

Okay, so I look half-way okay here. Blurry background shots suit me.

All aboard the hurt train. Absolutely dying.

Since I wasn't wearing a watch, I wasn't really sure where I was time-wise. But I had been eavesdropping on people and kept hearing that I was running with people who were in the 8:40 range, occasionally an 8:30 or a 9:00. So, I felt like I was doing okay-ish. But, I was DYING the last mile of the race.

This pretty much sums up the whole race for me.

When I saw the clock at the finish I was pretty fucking bummed. 1:54:40. (Exactly 10 minutes slower than my Half PR). But, luckily, I didn't have to think about it too long, because at the finish line were the Run Bitches and I found out that Cheryl had PRed! Woo!

After the race, Melissa and I ran back to the hotel to put some warmer clothes on and then headed back to the finish line to await the arrival of the sonsabitches. (And to also stand in line for 45 minutes for pancakes. ridiculous).

We got to the finish line around the 3:10 finishing time and anxiously watched the runners come in. Around 3:14 we saw them.
 RUN!!!! That's KoB, and you don't even want to know what he
was yelling at Jeff at this point. I'm pretty sure that lady in the pink on the left
passed out after he passed by her with his dirty encouraging words.


 They ended up with a chip time of 3:14:35!!!!!!!


Then it was time for some wine and beer...
A great trip with great friends.
We're missing Melissa in this photo.
She offered to take the picture, sneaky bitch.

Overall, the trip was a huge success. KoB helped Jeff get his PR and sub 3:15, Cheryl got a PR, Coach ended up getting on the podium with a 2nd place AG finish, and I schooled a dwarf didn't accomplish jackshit. But, hey... it was fun.

The End.

P.S. This race is a good example of a PR course. Flat, great weather (it was 53 degrees when I finished), and boring as shit. Seriously, I hated this course, but it would have been perfect to set a PR at. Also, the beer/wine tent opened really late, the pancake line was ridiculously long, and there wasn't gatorade or coffee (that was free) at the finish line (only fruit and water bottles). But, the shirts are nice and there were a good amount of porta potties at the start line (not many of them on the course, though).


Carina said...

You and the dwarf, just like me and the double amputee that I wasn't sure whether I could count as road kill during Hood to Coast...

Amy said...

Every bitch counts in a race. Dwarfs, double amputees, my grandma. THEY ALL COUNT.

Anonymous said...

This shit is fucking awesome. I loved that you were able to get hammered the night before and turn in a sub-2:00 13.1.

You are foul-mouthed and drink a lot, so I will be sure to check this blog every day.

chacha said...

Are you sure she was really a dwarf? I mean, I'm a measly 4'11.5", so that chick only looked maybe 1-2 inches shorter than me. Then again she had some weird upper body proportions.

The watch situtation, I think I would have used my phone or something to try to figure out the elapsed time. I've never run a half marathon watch-less before. That is crazy.

Anonymous said...


LAPT said...

You're just too funny.

Katie said...



Amy said...

chacha: Upon reflection after seeing the photo of us battling it out, medically speaking, I don't think she was a dwarf. But she was damn near close.

sock: thanks and welcome to the shitfest that is my blog.

Others: I realized that maybe I should be "replying" to comments. So, I'm trying to start doing that now.

Jeff Edmonds said...