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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Catching Up

1. I've been feeling fantastic lately on my runs... which can only mean one thing: I will fall off this runner's high about 2 weeks into Marathon Training and be HATING life for the following 20 weeks.

2. The base building is going well. Strangely enough... the more I run, the better I feel on my runs and the more I want to run. WTF is wrong with me? Granted, the mileage isn't that high... but for ME, putting together 3 weeks of 60 miles a week is a pretty big deal. AND, last week I ran 62 miles with a rest day and my longest run was only 15 miles... so, that makes me feel pretty good.

3. Except these miles I'm running are SLOW AS SHIT. Can't have everything, I suppose.

4. This weekend I'm running a half marathon and while wayyyy back in June I said I'd like to get close to my PR (Bwhwhahahaha bwahahahahaha) I have come to the conclusion that I was goddamn delusional when I thought/said that. So, I downgraded my goal to run a sub 1:50. And then I looked up the pace to run a 1:49 (Bwhahahahahahah) and then I decided to make my goal to run a smart race and try to negative split the race. (I've always seemed to prefer the Crash and Burn method of racing).

5. I finished the Advanced Marathoning book by Pete Pftzinger and I think I'm probably too lazy to write a book review on it. But, I did really enjoy it. There were a few things I thought were interesting that he mentioned:

       a. He says that you should be running your long runs 10-20% slower than your Marathon Pace. Dude! That suuuuuuucks! I always thought that you could run your long run as slow as you wanted.

           LSD+AMY= TRUE LOVE 4EVA

He suggests running the first few miles 20% slower and then moving up to just 10% slower for the rest of your run. Good grief. Overachiever. I'd need a training plan of months just to get me to that point. Arg!

       b. He has a little table in the book for what to do when you miss a certain number of days of training due to illness, work, family, laziness, etc. I thought that was pretty interesting. Basically, if you miss 10 days or less of his training plan he says that you should be able to jump back into your training plan and not adjust your goal and be okay. After that he says you'll need to adjust your goal and possibly adjust your training plan depending on how many days you missed.

6. Normally, I would enjoy getting a picture text from my boyfriend of his tanned, muscular calf in the middle of the day. I got a text just like that yesterday. Unfortunately, his calf was also bloody:

 The KoB got attacked by a DOG!

Now, that would automatically bench me for a day or two. But, not The KoB, he finished his run before he went back to work (and then to the doctor). AND not only that, but he also ran with me yesterday afternoon (apparently a dog bite isn't enough to get me out of my weekly evening run). I guess they don't call him The King of Beasts* for nothing.

*Funny story: My mom thought The KoB stood for: "Kind of Boyfriend." Cute, huh? She also thinks LOL stands for "Lots of Love." That shit will fuck with you. It's weird to get a text from her that says... "DNF? Are you okay? LOL!" Sigh.

LOL, Mom!


Tanya said...

You could totally do the 20-10%. thing. And unless Pftz is a freak, I'm assuming he doesn't mean you have to do that at the very START of training.

Anyway, let's say your MP goal pace is 8:30 (random # pulled out of ass)...long runs eventually would start at 10:10 and wind up at 9:21.

Um. Yeah. Doable Central.


chacha said...

Dude that's pretty bad - the dog bite. WTF, that is a crazy dog.

I'm glad Tanya did the math there because I also though that was insane - but I think I was thinking in terms of "effort" rather than actual pace percentages. Dropping nearly a minute in pace is more than dropping 10% in effort. At least in my mind.

Yo Momma Runs said...

I love your mom. Is she making that up to seem even cuter? That's a strategy I may try when my kids get older. I'm reading that marathon bible right now too, but it is a very slow read for me. It would probably help if I didn't have to read the same paragraph five times over.

So what happened with that dog that bit KoB?