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Monday, July 16, 2012

Race Report: Beer Mile 2012

Before I talk about this year's race, I think I should clarify that I never actually blogged about the race last year. There are a lot of reasons: I think I went out of town the week after, I was interviewed about the race on another blog, but mostly, last years race ended with some drama and embarrassment, so, I felt it was easier to just casually mentioned that I won last year (uhh... for the 3rd year in a row), than write up a whole report on it. You're welcome.

My favorite picture from last year. 
Who knew that asshole would become my coach?

After last year's drunken shit show, I was unsure if our great hosts would open up their yard, home, and pool to our drunk asses again. Thankfully, they did, they just made it an invitational event and it was scheduled for Saturday.

Unfortunately, here in Nashville we experienced monsoon-like weather all last week. It rained EVERYDAY and while we needed the rain desperately, it also made the hosts have to cancel the event. I'm not going to lie, I was pretty bummed. I have been wanting another crack at the beer mile for awhile. I felt like my PR was pretty soft and it's the one event every year that I can dominate. I NEED MY BEER MILE WIN.

So, I decided to hold an impromptu Beer Mile of my own.

My main goal was to PR (particularly since there were only 2 other girls and one of them didn't even really compete). I had my hopes set on something under 11. I felt like it was totally doable, and if it was a good day, that maybe I could even go sub 10:30.

The first beer went down pretty quickly and my first lap felt really good. I remember telling myself on that first lap to go ahead and push the pace, especially while I was feeling good. The second beer and lap were okay.  But the third beer was where I was starting to fall apart. The beer was not disappearing fast enough. I'm not sure if I let it get too warm or what, but normally, the beer drinking is the easy part for me. Not this year, I was struggling to drink fast. I also got kind of confused on my 3rd lap. I kept thinking that I still had 2 beers to drink and when I came into the beer area and saw that I just had one beer left, I was thrilled.

But good god, that beer tasted like ass. At this point, KoB had already won the men's race (!!!!!) and the rest of us were trying to get down our last beers. I was kinda casually chit chatting between gulps (something I'd never done in previous beer miles) and KoB encouragingly yelled... "TALK LATER, DRINK NOW!" and then he followed it up with an affectionate "RUN BITCH," when I started my last lap. And I swear I heard him say, "don't throw up." To which I said in my head... well dammit, which do you want me to do? To run or to not throw up, because it felt like I couldn't simultaneously do both.

That last lap was ROUGH. To be honest, the whole fucking race was rough. But, I'm happy to report that I won (obvs) and I recorded a measly 9 second PR: 11:19. 

Beer Mile 2012
Drunk, etc.

I was a little disappointed in my performance. I feel like my running definitely improved this year, but that my beer drinking wasn't up to where it should have been. I've already decided that I want another crack at it this year. I've got a sub 10:30 in me. I just know it!

Even though I was disappointed with my time, I was thrilled with the event. It was definitely ghetto and small, but we had an awesome time during the race and after!


Carina said...

Man, I wish we had one of these in Dallas. They tried to organize one but couldn't find a suitable venue...

Katie said...

ok, I'm officially throwing one of these suckers here! awesome.

LAPT said...

I definitely agree--I want to host one at the Tufts track!!!

Tanya said...

Congrats, bitch.

Definitely planning a fall beer mile as I missed this one and am quite bitter about it.