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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bitching, Love, etc.

Turns out there is something that is actually worse than running in the summer. TRAINING in the summer. Ugh, it blows.

Obviously, there's the temperature and the humidity that drags all your workouts down. But, even worse than that is the fatigue and lethargy you experience the rest of the day. I think I've finally turned the corner, but last week, everyday I just felt extremely exhausted. Every damn day.

One good thing that has come out of this whole mess of a training summer is that I am no longer at all concerned about my pace on easy runs. There was a time for a couple of weeks there that I started getting a little antsy about my easy pace. WAS IT TOO EASY? I was asking everyone... "what's your easy pace?" and more importantly "what should my easy pace be?" Well, sometime a couple of weeks ago I just said fuck it and now I don't give a rat's ass. 11:xx+? BRING IT. So, that's probably good. Easy is supposed be easy, no?

Despite this hatred for training in hell, there was one silver lining this week: My interval workout.

It's probably a little early to call it love, considering I've only done them twice ever. But, I think I've found my one true love track workout: The 1600.
I mean, you could argue that any workout on the schedule that doesn't start with an 8 and end with double zeros is worthy of love. Because good god I fucking hate 800s. But the 1600 just feels so good. There's no rush, you've got 4 laps to get settled into a pace. Start off too fast? No probs. Just dial it back a little on the next 3 laps. Too slow? Speed that shit up. EASY. For whatever reason, they always seem to go by faster than other track workouts, too. Don't get me wrong, they still feel like shit on a stick... but, there's just something very zen about the 1600. Less stress about the actual workout and the numbers and the worry about throwing up and just more running.

Amy + 1600s= True love. (for now, at least).

What's your favorite track workout?

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Katie said...

running in the summer sucks, end of story. my pace sometimes starts with a 3. like 32:02 pace. sigh.