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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Book Review: Raw Food Life Force Energy

I realize the timing of this post is rather interesting. A book about juicing and raw food immediately following a post about my continued dominance of the Beer Mile? Welcome to my life.

Last July I read a book that changed my life and my body:
Longest book title ever.

A couple of disclaimers first:

1. You may think I'm one of those people that goes around emphatically telling people all the time that something has seriously CHANGED MY LIFE. Well, you're right, I am exactly one of those people. But, I don't just say it willy nilly. The things that I claim to have changed my life... Running, My Yoga Trip to Mexico, Biscoff Spread, Becoming a Vegetarian, Getting a Proper Bra Fitting... they legitimately have changed my life. (I'm only kidding about the biscoff spread. Kinda).

You see, I'm pretty open to things, and I think that creates an opportunity for things to really impact and change my life. So, yeah, I kinda say that a lot. But, it's sincere. A lot of things are life changing to me!

2. I've read a SHIT TON of diet books and tried a SHIT TON of diets in my life. So, I know the feeling you're having right now. OMG. Another fucking blog post about some diet/healthy lifestyle bullshit. Snooze. But, I never did a blog post about my Fruitarian phase a couple summers ago and I've never even blogged about being a vegetarian. So, it's not like I'm constantly writing blog posts about diets and claiming them to be the one. And I'm not going to do that here, either. I realize that this lifestyle isn't for everyone. It's probably not even for most people. But, it's working for me. And after a year of healthy success, I feel like maybe you guys want to hear about it.
The changes I've experienced since reading the book and implementing some of the concepts into my life:

1. Energy. Seriously, I have a boatload of more energy than I used to have. In the past, every afternoon around 3pm you would find me banging my head against my desk trying to stay awake. Not anymore. Now I just power through my day like a champion.

2. Sweet tooth reigned in. I used to have a RAGING sweet tooth. Constant cravings of sweets, we're talking visceral cravings. Those are pretty much a thing of the past. Sure, I occasionally still want sweets, but it's not some deep craving that feels like a bottomless pit of desire.

3. My attitude towards food has completely changed. I no longer diet. Or even think about dieting. I kinda of just have this routine that works for me and I really enjoy the food that I'm eating and it really satisifies me. And, if I want to go out and stuff my face with mexican food and beer, I do. (Uh... like once a week, usually).

4. Without trying one iota, I dropped 20 pounds in a year. I had been stuck around 150-155 pounds for the past 5 years or so (with a really healthy diet for the last couple of those years). I'd occasionally lose 10 pounds if I severely restricted my diet, but then as soon as I went back to trying to eat normal I'd gain them back. When I read this book, I decided that maybe 150-155 was the weight that I was just meant to be. I wasn't thrilled about it. But, if I couldn't keep those last few pounds off without severe dieting, then what else could I do? I decided to just accept who I was and move on. And now, a year later I'm in the 130-135 range. I think I finally found the way to eat that my body responds to. And I think I'm just naturally settling into the weight that I'm supposed to be.

5. I now eat chocolate everyday. Every night, I have a square or two (or yeah, sometimes 3) of dark chocolate. I started out eating the 72%, but now I've moved up to the 88%. If you'd told me that I'd be 135 pounds and eating chocolate everyday, I would have laughed in your face.

6. I haven't been sick in a year. I think that juicing has had a powerful effect on my immune system (knock on wood).

Instead of going through the changes I've made to the way I eat and boring you all to tears. I'm just going to tell you that if you're opened-minded and you already eat pretty healthy, but you feel like you just aren't operating at your maximum potential. Then at least check this book out of the library. (That's what I did). You may read it and think that it's totally poppycock... but, you might also find a few things in there that might just change your life, too. Now, if you're judgmental and stubborn and think that hippies are whack, then move right along...

Like I said before, it's definitely not for everyone. It requires a bit of a commitment and it's kind of expensive (I spend $50/week on juices alone) and some of the concepts are the complete opposite of what every other healthy lifestyle book will tell you. But, I wish someone had told me about juicing, and this book, and this lifestyle a LONG time ago.

If you have any questions about the specifics, feel free to email me.

And now back to our regularly scheduled blogging of running and drinking (occasionally at the same time).

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Carina said...

Based solely on this post, I just put in a request for the book at the library. System availability is 1 of 3, so hopefully it will be in my hands soon. But when I think about juicing, I just don't see it in my cards, but honestly, your rec means a lot (you were right about bras and yoga...) so I'll check it out. Literally. AHAHAHAHA! I kill me.