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Friday, July 20, 2012

I Cheated.

My running shoe and I have quite a history.
 My boo.
ASICS Gel Nimbus

I've worn this model since I started training for my first marathon. Sure, I've been tempted by flashier colored models (seriously, the Nimbus is like the grandma walking shoe of running shoes. The colors are always awful, boring, puke-y colors. This pink, grey, and yellow version is as flashy as they get. Ugh). But, I've never had any problems with the Nimbus (other than it's $130 price tag), so I've stuck with them.

Until this latest pair. For whatever reason the Nimbus 13's were a nightmare to break in. I had really severe sharp pain in the ball of my right foot with every strike. This lasted for MILES. Even with 50+ miles on this pair, I was still having issues.

Meanwhile, I had just started wearing my new trail shoes which are Brooks brand and hot damn, did they feel good! Cushy, but not too soft. This was the first time I'd ever worn a non-ASICS shoe (my previous trail shoes were ASICS) and I was pretty smitten. I found myself lacing up my Nimbuses (is it Nimbi? Fuck, I don't know) for a road run, but fantasizing about putting another shoe on instead. Maybe a Brooks road shoe?

And then in a moment of weakness and lust, I bought the Nimbus equivalent in the Brooks brand. Their neutral, cushy Glycerin.

Apparently it's universal:
Cushy = Boring.

The day I got them, I immediately slipped them on and started walking around in them. They felt good! Firm, supportive cushioning and the sizing was good. I was excited to give them a try the next day. 

Out of the box, these shoes felt great. No breaking-in period, no sharp pains in the ball of my foot. Just good runs. When I went to log in my first run in these shoes, I named them Homewreckers. I felt pretty guilty about straying from the Nimbus. But, hell, this last pair wasn't doing me any favors. Running is hard enough without having your shoes feel like they're stabbing you with every foot strike. 

Intially, when I wore the Brooks multiple days in a row (I couldn't stop myself, they were so new and fresh and comfy) I noticed a little tweakiness in my left shin after my runs. But, I would just switch back to the Nimbus the next day and be fine. (My Nimbuses have finally been broken in, but I can assure you I will not be buying another pair of the 13 version. Heading straight to the pricey 14s).

I always thought I would be a one shoe woman. But, I gotta be honest. I kinda like the variety. I wear my Nimbuses when I run longer runs and I wear my Glycerins on shorter runs or speed workouts (they feel a bit lighter). For now, I'm going to continue the two brand switch-off. I'm not ready to make a commitment to one just yet. 

Do you switch around with different brands? Everyone that I know who runs in the Nimbus, seems to ONLY run in the Nimbus.


chacha said...

I'm a shoe whore. But mostly Brooks. I have Brooks Ravenna, and Asics DS Trainer for long runs. Brooks Cadence and Saucony Kinvara for short runs. And Brooks Cascadia for trail. I have one pair of Brooks Launch waiting in a box because rotating 5 non-trail shoes is just insanity (like rotating 4 isn't. Right).

Redhead Running said...

I've only just recently cheated myself, first with the Saucony Mirage's for speedwork and short racing and then Mizuno sent me a pair of their Wave Inspire 8's, their comparable for my usual Asics 2160's. So far the cheating has gone well enough, a few bumps along the way but I always, always, always go back to my Asics. :) LOL! You'll start to feel less guilty as time goes on, don't worry!

Carina said...

"My" shoe is the Glycerin, but I have a couple others I'll rotate occasionally. Right now, I have 3 I use most weeks for running -- one day of Mizunos, one day of Asics, Brooks for all the rest.

Jill Mongene and Joseph Keisling said...

The Nimbus 13 sucks. They put a twist gel in the forefoot - hence the pain you're suffering. Glyercines are dreamy for sure. You could also try the Nike Pegasus - it's like running on pillows. But, yeah, Asics needs a revamp because almost all of their shoes suck this year.

Katie said...

SHOE WHORE RIGHT HERE! I have like ohhhh 80 pairs in my closet (not really)(ok maybe).

StangLuvr said...

I need to look at getting me a new pair. Need to take the kids to get fitting for some good running shoes if they are going to stick to running too.

Oh, BTW, I am back!!!! Got off my lazy ass and ran for 1st time yesterday. Only a mile, but gotta start somewhere right. Going to try and keep my blog updated again too!

Asics Gel Nimbus said...

ASICS Gel Nimbus. I've worn this model since I started training for my first marathon. Sure, I've been tempted by flashier colored models ...