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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Race Weekend: Driggs, Idaho.

Yeah. Remember how I've been casually alluding to a "just for fun marathon" that I was going to run this summer? Well, running a marathon is not fun. But for some godforsaken reason, when KoB and I started talking about the summer and racing, he didn't balk when I said... "heyyyy... so, there are a couple of races in Idaho and Montana that we could do this summer."

Which is how I found myself in Jackson Hole, WY on Friday with KoB.

This is my... "I'm so excited to be in Wyoming and the mountains
 are so fucking beautiful that I can't wait to take a picture,
so I'm just going to do it from the car while we're driving."
And then the picture turns out to be of a goddamn 
telephone pole. Awesome.

The first race that we were running was called the Tin Cup Challenge Marathon in Driggs, Idaho. We flew into Jackson Hole, WY and made the short 45 minute drive to Driggs.

Now I know why they call it Jackson Hole.

After winding through the Tetons we got out at an overlook to take some pictures.

That's the Hole behind us.
Also, we like stripes.

We got checked into our hotel room in Driggs and decided to hit up the packet pickup. We got our numbers and I'll be damned if KoB didn't get MY lucky number: 22. And I got 21. Hpmh.

There really wasn't much time to do a lot. I had planned on crashing KoB's shake out run Friday afternoon, just to remind myself that running at 6,000+ ft. is... uhh... shitty. But, when the time came, I opted to lazily lay around, watch cable tv, and spill granola all over the bed. 

When he got back from making me feel like a sloth we walked over to a pizza place for my favorite pre-race dinner. It was 85+ degrees and sunny as hell, but I had on a long sleeve sweater and shorts and it felt glorious. I can't tell you the last time I wasn't sweating in 85 degrees. Why do people live in the Southeast? Seriously, we are a bunch of dumbfucks. We ate pizza, I got tipsy off of two beers (helloooo 6,000 ft) and then we topped off the meal with some ice cream.

Downtown Driggs.

After a quick trip to the grocery store for some snacks and breakfast for in the morning, we got back to our room and settled in for the night.

Up next: Tin Cup Challenge Marathon.

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Katie said...

Idaho: I had never been until June but now I want to move there, holy CRAP is it gorgeous.