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Friday, May 4, 2012

Good Grief is it Sunday, Yet?

Well, it's almost finally here. I feel like this week has crawled by at a snail's pace (and it's still only Friday)!

My head is in a really good place right now. I am very calm and confident and just ready for Sunday morning. Ready to actually do the work. And that's the key, I think. A few weeks ago, a very wise man brought this idea to my attention... to treat the race like it's your job. That you're just showing up for work on race day morning. It's not funtime carnival day, it's not exciting adventure day, it's not even the race of your life day, it's just a day that you go to your job and do your work.

It's such a simple idea. And to be honest, when he first said it to me, I kinda laughed it off. Haha. Yeah, running sure does feel like a job. A shitty, sucky job most of the time. But, the metaphor has really stuck with me and I totally get it. Too often, I've approached races as this great mystery. Who knows what's going to happen on race day? What's the weather going to do? How am I going to feel? Can I meet my goal? Can I exceed my goal? What pace am I going to run? Am I going to be a complete and utter failure? I mean, that's a helluva lot of variables to get yourself all wrapped up in. Instead of all that bullshit, I'm just going to get up on Sunday morning and do what I have to do. I'm going to do my job.

So, the next time you bitches hear from me, Cincinnati will be over and you'll find out which one of you is Smartypants McGee.


Carina said...

Go to work and show that pig who's boss.

Jason said...

Do your job out there and trust your training, uou're gonna rock it!

Kassie said...

You'll do great!! All that training is going to pay off.

Carina said...

I'm hearing not great reports about the weather and the course from a couple friends here who were running it. Hope you're doing alright. If the weather sucked, just remember, you've done the work and a sub-4 is yours on another day.