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Monday, May 7, 2012


They're only 3 little letters. Not even an actual word, just an abbreviation.  But when strung together in such an order... they say it all. Better than any actual word could.

I really appreciate all the concern via texts, emails, and phone calls that I've gotten about the race yesterday. And I promise that I will get around to responding to them all and I will get around to writing a race report* (or whatever it is that you write when you DNF).

But for now, I need a little time and a little space to clear my head, mend my heart, and get over myfuckingself.

*Don't worry, I'm not forgetting the contest.


Carina said...

Hugs. It happens to everyone who runs a lot. Be kind to yourself. Lots of other races out there.

Katie said...

Ouch, Amy, I'm sorry. Hugs your way.

LAPT said...

I'm sorry, my lovely friend. I hope you're doing ok. Let's chat soon!