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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Status Report

This time last week, I was sitting at my desk practically in tears. I had just finished my last tough speed workout before the race and while I had nailed my splits, I was a complete and utter mess.

This week? I'm feeling loose, calm, awesome, and just ready to do this shit.

Updates and Self-obsessed randomness:

1. The race starts at 6:30am Eastern time. Which not only means that I'll be starting the race at the normal time that I usually run (with the time difference), but... that I'll be done by 10:30ish and whatever heat stroke inducing temperatures Mother Nature decides to throw my way, won't be nearly as awful that early in the morning. BOOM, bitches!

2. I was going to be a total lazy ass this week and only run like 3 days (M,W,Th). But coach suggested that I keep things loose and add a little shake out run on Saturday morning. Fine.

3. Luckily, I've ran this race before and while I don't remember all of the course, I vividly remember the last 3-4 miles or so and I've been spending a little extra time at the end of my daily mediation practice to visualize myself all along that part of the course on Sunday. I've been thinking about how I'm going to feel at that point of the race, trying to mentally prepare myself for the fatigue and then visualizing myself being able to push through.

4. I've also been thinking about the little uphill that brings you to the downhill for the Finish Swine (hardy har har).

5. Even though I already eat pretty damn healthy during the weekdays, I'm trying to eat EVEN healthier these early days of the taper, since I'm running WAYYYY less and sitting on my ass WAYYYY more. Mainly trying to cut back on my portions a bit and skipping any extra sugar (no agave in my smoothies, no snacks of frozen blueberries, no energy bars with my lunch). Once Thursday rolls around, I'll slowly start to inch things back up to normal. Also, make this.

6. I think I've decided to wear my ipod at the race. Any edge I can get, I'm going to take. So, if you have any good song suggestions, let me know!!!!!

7. I'm not sure if I'm more excited about the race or about shopping (H&M! Madewell! If only they had a Zara).

8. I think I'm even going to be sick of myself after these past couple of weeks (hell, this whole training cycle). KoB, Coach, Steve, Carolyn... thanks for putting up with my self-obsessed ass. Next week will be better. Awww hell, who am I kidding, I'll be talking about how awesome I am for the next 2-3 weeks. So, yeah... sorry about that.

9. If you haven't already... go guess what my finish time is going to be!!! (Also, jeez... you people come out of the woodworks when I throw money at you)!


Carina said...

I love doing a day-before shake-out run. I've only done it for the last maybe 2-3 yrs, but I think it's the bomb.

LAPT said...

If you made that "meat" loaf for me, I'd eat it. So excited for you!!! Text me after the raaaaaaace!