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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How To...

How to plan for a PR (the week of):
14 weeks of training later and here we are. 3 days out from THE DAY. So, I know you're thinking... okay, the only things left to do are to run on Saturday morning and get drunk on saturday morning, afternoon night! Well, dear friends, you're wrong. There are still some minor details that I've been working out this week.


WTF is my exact goal?
My goal is to PR, but between you and me and the rest of the world wide web, my goal is to come in sub 1:48.

WTF is the plan for the race?
Essentially, the plan is to run my ass off. I've got a pacer (yay, Steve!) who will be wearing my watch and ignoring the expletives that are hurled his way. Our strategy is to run even 8:15 splits till mile 9. If at mile 9, I have anything extra to give, we'll pick it up a little, but otherwise, even 8:15s, baby!

WTF am I going to wear?
Forecast right now is predicting a low of 50 for the day, so I will be in as little as I can possibly get away with. (Spectators, fair warning, will need to wear shades). Shorts and a tank. (Part of me wants to be a total girl and go out and spend $100+ on some new outfit of shorts and a tank... but I suspect the lazy, cheap ass part of me will win out and I'll end up in a mismatched, ill-fitted outfit that I already own. Maybe something from Nike's vintage 2007 collection, perhaps?).

Which ex-boyfriend will I spend Saturday celebrating with?
This is the wildcard for the day. To be completely honest, I haven't really been feeling Jimmy or Woody  lately (I know!). So, it's likely to be a beer night... but... maybe, just maybe, my old fling Jose will get the late night call.
Hey loverboy, it's been awhile...


Katie said...

cuervo! I'm down.

LAPT said...

1 - GOOD LUCK! You're going to do awesome. I kind of want you to call me afterward to tell me how you did.
2 - I love those lulu shorts. Seriously, nothing rides up when you run in them. Worth it, sort of.
3 - TEQUILA? Ugh god I dunno if we can drink together anymore...

Meredith said...

Go get 'em Amy!!!