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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

On Compression Socks for Recovery.

So, just to bring you up to speed here... Saturday I'm running a 50k. And then the next weekend, I'm running the Chicago Marathon. This shouldn't really come as much of a surprise to most of you... because I'm an idiot.

I honestly feel like I'm in good shape to do this (No, I'm not in denial... I'm being legit, yo). But, I did get a brilliant idea yesterday... COMPRESSION SOCKS.

I've always shied away from things that I feel are mostly for "fast" runners or "serious" runners (I mean, it took me like 4 years of running to buy a Garmin for chrissakes), so, I've stayed away from the socks. But, I'm thinking that they might help with my recovery between the two races.

So, I need your help folks... Should I jump onto the sock wagon and shell out the dough for a pair of recovery compression socks? Do you have a pair? Are they worth it? What brand did you buy?


LAPT said...

Don't bother with the ones made for athletes--usually really expensive for no good reason. I bought a pair of black medical calf sleeves online for probably 3/4 or half price of the Zensah socks. My mom is a PT and says they do the same thing... I TOTALLY recommend these! Put them on when you finish your ultra!!

T said...

I absolutely ADORE my CEP socks. I tried Zensah (and medical socks, fwiw) and have found CEP to be my favorite. They're not terribly cheap, though, it's true!

Jill said...

From what I've read the medical grade sleeves or CEP are the only real ones that work. Zensah says they do...but I know many folks where they've "worn out" those ones. So, truth they are just posers!

Yes, get a pair of either...and wear them immediately after the race.

Melanie said...

I don't know if it matters brand to brand... I managed to get mine for free through a giveaway and they're the RecoverySock brand. I LOVE them. I usually wear them the rest of the day after a marathon or long run and I think they absolutely help. I ran in them during my last relay because my legs were dead, and I think they helped then, too, even though I had sworn I'd never run in them... it turns out I think it helped. I definitely think you'd benefit from having some!

Matt said...

Buy Buy!
Bought a pair of Swiftwick for Christmas this year.
I love them. Not sure about needing medical ones or anything like that.
But my calves feel great after wearing them and that's all that matters.

I've also taken the "plunge" with ice baths this season and the ice baths followed by compression socks are a great combo.

Carina said...

I'm not overly impressed with Zensah.

That Pink Girl said...

Yesssssss! I love my Zensahs although I've never tried other brands. I run in them for over 20 miles but swear by them for recovery. Often wear them to work under my business appropriate dress. Because I'm a recovery ninja like that.
Good luck!

Corey said...

I wear CEP compression socks to help with shin splints. They've made a huge difference for me, and I worry less about getting injured, so definitely worth the price. Just don't lose them in the laundry!!

Katie said...

yup...CEP is medical grade. bomb.