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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

On the Bandwagon

Wow, thanks you guys!!! Seems like I'm behind the curve here... WHY DIDNT ANY OF YOU TELL ME ABOUT COMPRESSION SOCKS BEFORE? Jeez. Some friends you are...

Anyway... after you all so thoughtfully commented how much you love your socks, I ran over to my local running store (well, not literally) and picked out a pair.

Now.. first of all, I went to my fave local running store to pick them up. And though it's SUPER convenient, with that convenience you lose a little with selection... so, I basically had to choose between CW-X, Swiftwick, and ASICS brands. I asked the dude, who asked another employee and she was like... well.. CW-X is a popular brand. (Ummm.. duh). And then I picked up the Swiftwick ones and looked at them.. and the dude piped up.. Swiftwick is a good company, too (Umm...duh). I know these companies are good! I want to know if their compression socks are good!

So, in the end, I did what any one does when they have no idea which brand is better over another brand... I bought the most expensive (which, frankly, wasn't all that expensive.. only 40 bucks).

Ta Da! CW-X Compression Socks.

I then spent the rest of the afternoon trying to take a picture of me wearing the socks... Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of your legs? On your own?
Yeah, that clearly didn't work...

Umm... No.

Okay good enough.

And then I was like... WTF? Why am I trying to take a picture of me wearing compression socks??? Everyone knows what compression socks are and what they look like. OMG, I've turned into one of THOSE bloggers.

Watch yourself, folks.. I'll be posting photos of oatmeal and iced coffee any day now...

By the way... the socks don't really feel all that tight... I assumed they were going to feel like SUPER tight. So, I hope they're good enough... I'll review them next week after I give them a real test.


Keri said...

I love my compression socks! My husband calls them my granny socks. Whatever, they work!

The only thing worse is getting ready for bed and having on a black nightshirt thing and a pair of black compression socks. It does not get any sexier than that.

And thanks for the info on the Chicago forecast. You can bet my remaing day at the office today will be checking the weather. :)

Jill said...

If they are not that tight, I would take them back and go find CEP's. They need to be tight or they will eventually lose elasticity and fail. Medical grade. Unfortunately, CWX does not have any type of patent on medical grade socks. So sorry!

Melanie said...

This cracks me up.

I do think you want them to be tight, so I might consider taking them back and getting a size down.

I have the CW-X capri tights... I paid an arm and a leg for them, but I ran the Huntsville and Disney marathons in them last December/January and think they really helped!

That Pink Girl said...


Katie said...

yeahh...i returned my zensah compression socks because they weren't very tight. i bought the smallest CEP ones i could find and THOSE puppies are tight!