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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Getting Ready...

What I packed for a 50k race...

Gear/Race Stuffs:
1. Garmin: It's not going to be 100% accurate (or remotely close in some cases), but its still to sort of keep track of my mileage and my total time. Plus, I always have the display showing the elevation, so I know when I've finally reached the top of a climb or when I've still got a long way to go. Ugh.
2. Food/Chapstick/Fitness Belt: I'm packing a couple of energy bars, some dried apricots (that I'll put into a separate little baggie), and some shot blox (that I'm hoping to not use).
3. Vasoline: I'm not a big Body Glide fan. Give me Vasoline any day.
4. Gallon Sized Ziploc Bag/Sharpie: This is for my drop bag. I went ahead and put a piece of blue tape on the bag so that I can easily write my bib number on the bag and also it will help distinguish the bag a bit. I haven't fully decided if I'm going to use a drop bag this year. Last year, I didn't use a fitness belt, so I'm hoping that this year I can just carry all my stuff on me from the get-go. We'll see. Better to be prepared just in case.
5. Handheld Water Bottle: This is mandatory for my race. The Race Director won't let you run unless you carry water (I would carry regardless of whether or not it was mandatory). Bonus, it's got a good sized pocket on it, I usually keep my chapstick in that pocket, along with some kinda fuel stuff.
6. Ibuprofen: I'm only going to take this if I have a drop bag, otherwise it will go into my AFTER THE RACE bag.
7. Hair stuff: holders, clips, etc.

Race Morning Stuff: Clothing, etc..
1. Sports Bra: Duh. Although, I do admit... that's another bra peeking out from underneath the sports bra. Yes, folks. I'm a double bra wearer.
2. Shorts/Undies: A pair of shorts with a big ass pocket in the back and one in the front inside, too. And YES underwear. I always, always, always wear underwear when I run... Why? Because sometimes nature calls and my socks are more expensive than my underwear. 
3. Shoes: Obviously. I ALWAYS keep my trail shoes (and when I travel any running shoes) in a huge ziploc bag. Cause, they're dirty and they're dirty after the run, too. So it's nice to have something to put them in.
4. Socks/Sunglasses: The chances of me actually wearing sunglasses are about 5%, but I bring them just in case. Honestly, on the trail... it's shady enough. Sunglasses would just drive me crazy. Socks, my cushiest, smartwool socks.
5. Running Top: So, I packed two options. One sleeveless long bra top and one short sleeve top. The high is a perfect 64 degrees, and considering it will be shady for 75% (or more) of the run... I'm sure I'll end up wearing the short sleeve. But it's TN for chrissakes, you never know when you're going to wake up to 104 degrees.
6. Hat: Again, only a 5% chance that I'll actually wear it, because there isn't any rain in the forecast.And I dont' think I'll be sweating enough to need it for my forehead. But, I like to be prepared just in case (see #5).
7. Sweatshirt: Because the expo ends at 5:00PM EASTERN time, I won't make it to packet pickup before the race. Which means getting to the race extra early and with lows in the 40s, I'm going to need something to wear while standing around in the morning.
8. Race Details: This has all information on the race, the time, the directions, etc. It also has the listing of all the aid stations which I plan on writing (with the sharpie) on my arm for the race. In an Ultra, it's all about getting to the next aid station.

Post Race Stuff:
1. Full change of clothes: I am going to be a sweaty, dirty mess when I finish this race and I will want to immediately change into a completely clean and dry set of clothes: sweatpants, tshirt (sweatshirt from the morning, possibly), bra, undies... the whole deal.
2. Flip Flops: Yes.
3. Plastic Bags: For my wet, nasty, stinky race clothes.
4. Towel
5. Water Bottle
6. Wet Wipes: Because my legs (and possibly other body parts depending on how many times I fall) are going to be nasty dirty and I'm going to want to wipe them off before I put clean clothes on.
7. Glasses/Contacts holder/Contact solution/Eye Drops/Purell/Anti-bacterial ointment: After races, my contacts get all funky (combination of being dehydrated and all the salty sweat), so I like to have anything and everything I might possibly need after the race. Also, I like to have some Purell to clean my hands with and ointment to apply to any cuts that have.
8. Compression Socks: So, my dear friends... I appreciate all the feedback about the socks I bought. Unfortunately, because I didn't pre-plan this... I don't have time to go somewhere else to buy the CEP socks. So, I'm going to hope that my non-medical grade socks will be better than NO socks. And they are tight... they're just not like cutting my circulation off tight. I'm hoping for the best with them!

Because I'm anal, I like to pack these things separately as well.

So, I've got all the stuff that I need after the race in one bag (which will just stay in the car), and my gear stuffs in another bag (which will fit inside my regular bag with all my race day clothes, etc.

And there ya go! Now all I gotta do is throw in my toothbrush and I'm good to go!

Also.. as a side note tip... I always turn my cell phone OFF before the race starts. A lot of times wherever you've parked your car may or may not have constant service and your phone could be looking for service for hours and you come back to your car ready to tell people you're still alive and your phone is DEAD. Not that that's happened to me or anything...

Now, I'm ready!!! Sooooooo excited to do this on Saturday morning!


johnking said...

goodluck on the 50k! I see some of our competition this year for the Bourbon Chase are some Tennesseans from EBS.

Melanie said...

Good luck! I'll be thinking about you!!! (And this reminds me I need to get my butt in gearing and start planning to pack for Chicago.)

Keri said...

Good luck! I will be thinking about you this weekend. So impressed that you are running this and then running Chicago next week. Um yeah, the Chicago forecast is for rain. I melt in the rain. Do the weather gods not know this?

That Pink Girl said...

I always feel like packing for an ultra is like packing to go camping for the weekend! (and well, sometimes it is)
I'm a little late but hope you had a GREAT race!