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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Crisis(es) Averted

I woke up this morning thinking... okay, so far so good... I'm awake and up at the right time.

And then I went downstairs to my car, where all 4 of my tires were properly inflated.

Wednesday is going to be a good day!

You see Monday... I woke up to my alarm and I uhhh.. must-a just rolled over and fell back asleep... and woke up at the precise time (5:19) that I need to be getting in my car to meet my running buddy... So, I texted him and asked him if it was okay if I got there 10 minutes later... he agreed. Crisis averted and I got my run in.

Yesterday, Tuesday, I woke up (on time), got ready and headed down to my car only to discover a flat tire. With a big ass screw peeping out of the tread. So, I texted my running buddy, asking her if she could meet me at my house today, instead of the half-way point we usually meet at and she agreed. Crisis averted and I got my run in.

Hump day never looked so good...

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LAPT said...

Look at you, being all good about running despite those things that might hold you back! I...paid $25 to use the hotel gym on Monday.

Um, how much does a replacement tire cost? Just wondering. As a new car-owner, I should know these things.