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Thursday, July 28, 2011


Sunday... 14 mile group training run... fun times.

After the run, (which went by amazingly smooth and was... dare I say... FUN?!?!?) I got home, took a shower and crawled into bed for a little cat nap. I tossed and turned and dosed off and on for 2 hours (rather fitfully). I got up, made some lunch and was in such a daze. Whenever I got up off the couch (which was truthfully, only a couple of times), I would start to black out... (a sure fire sign of dehydration for me... used to happen a lot when I was taking water pills for my blood pressure). So, I started to drink some water... but the blackouts kept coming... Ugh. Not fun. Luckily, they only last for a few seconds at a time...

I decided that the only way to really re-hydrate and start feeling better, was to get up off my lazy ass, throw a dress on and head to a wine tasting in a penthouse unit at a swank condominium building...

Nothing like WINE as a recovery drink. A couple of hours later feeling fresh and sweet, I was all... dehydration? What dehydration??... let's go to the Patterson House! Where I had two bourbon and gingery drinks and called it a night at 8:30.

Don't you love Sundays? (Particularly Sundays where literally all you do is run 14 miles and then get drunk at 4pm?) God bless marathon training.

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