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Friday, July 22, 2011

Be Careful What You Wish For?

People use this phrase a lot. And I hate it. It's like... can't I just wish for one goddamn thing without you getting all existential/cutesy cliched/annoying on my ass??

And in true Amy style... I went all contradictory on myself this morning and found myself saying... "Careful what you wish for." ::shudder::

It all started this morning... when my alarm clock went off at 5:05am and I was like... awwww... man. Fridays are hard for me and for a few reasons... Number one... Fridays were my rest day for like the first 3 years of my running career. It's hard to teach a runner new habits. And also... I'm just freaking tired on Fridays. By Friday, I've woken up early every morning, ran, worked, went to yoga in the evenings... (and my Thursday night yoga class is tough) and by Friday I'm just ready to sleep in till 8:30 and roll into work around 9:00am.

But, I got up. And I started getting ready and I stared at my phone for a full minute. Willing it beep and vibrate with a message from Steve. A message that would tell me that he was bailing on our run this morning. I literally did that... I literally tried to will him to text me. Because, obviously we're all familiar with Rule 4-23 of the Running Partner Code:
When your running partner/s cancel a run due to sheer laziness, it is okay for you to skip the run as well, and go back to bed... all the while feeling superior in knowing that you were not the weak one.
 See also... Rule 4-23.2... when your running partner cancels due to illness or injury, or gives you some kinda of legitimate excuse, then you must soldier on and run on your own... otherwise, you will feel guilty when you realize that you didn't run when you physically could... essentially spitting in the eye of your ailing running partner.

See also... Rule 4-23.3... whoever cancels first in inclement weather is the pansy. The other running partner can go back to bed and can then poke fun/name call/trash talk at the next run.
But, because I'm not really a witch, my phone stayed silent.

So when I got to the park and met up with him... I told him...

"So, I guess you didn't get my psychic vibes this morning..."

To which he looked at me like I had just asked him something in Japanese.

"I tried to psychically, telepathic-ly tell you to bail on the run this morning."

And you know what he said?????????????

"Ya know, I actually did type out a message saying I was going to bail... but I didn't send it."

W.T.F.? Y'all... I am a witch, after all!!!! A shitty one, obviously, because he never pushed send and I ended up having to run 4 miles while constantly wiping sweat from my brow.

But afterwards... I was all... "well, I guess I'm glad my telepathic powers haven't fully matured yet."

And Steve was all... "heh. heh. Yeah." (aka... why the hell do I run with this crazy and slow bitch 3 times a week?)

So... yeah... I didn't want to run this morning... but I'm so glad I did.. or I would have been wracked with guilt all day... careful what you wish for...


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