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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fall Races

I was thinking the other day... it's amazing (and simultaneously sad and refreshing) that I haven't run a marathon this year. It feels weird. And very un-Amy-like. I mean, WTF have I been doing for the past 7 almost 8 months now?????

I guess I've been busy... (though that's never stopped me before). But, mostly, I think I've just been putting everything off till the fall.. like... ohhh.. yeah, I'll just run a marathon in the fall.. and I'll just run/walk/climb that 50k in October.. and ohhhh... a 50 miler?? Ehh.. I'll put that off till December. Thanks.

So, officially (and unofficially) this is on my schedule
Stumpjump 50k-- October 1
Chicago Marathon-- October 9
Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon-- Nov 20
Lookout Mountain 50 miler-- Dec 17

(Nevermind the fact that I'm currently only signed up for ONE of those races. heh.).
And in a way... it's fine. Racing in the fall is fun! Training in the summer is not, however. But, part of me is itching to sign up for like 3 other Marathons this fall just to make up for my laziness this spring. And plus... I could just say that the races are "Training Runs" for my 50 miler. And obviously, I'd announce that as many times as I could while running these races, so that people would think I was a badass when really, I'm just a dumbass with an ego who looks for any excuse to not feel bad that she's not PRing... ever... seriously... it's never happening again.

But, I think I'm going to try to keep things simple and just focus on those races. The 50k and Chicago are just for fun. The Monkey will be a training run (aka there is no way in hell I'd have a chance to PR there) and the 50 miler is just going to happen to see if I can do it without dying.

In any case... I'm looking forward to them... Strangely enough.. particularly the ultras...

What races are you doing this fall? And don't tell me your doing NYC, because I didn't get in and I'm still very bitter.


LAPT said...

Your 50K on Oct 1st puts to shame my half marathon on Oct 1st. But on the plus side, we can text each other motivation in the morning...

Keri said...

I am running Chicago and don't hate me, NYC. You have to feel bad for me, I finally got in after being denied three years in a row. Isn't that a great shot for the self esteem! Whatever, I will take it.