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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

See ya!

Cue the bagpipes, bitches...

After a hellacious tax season (in which I'm still cursing Washington DC for their stupid holiday that extended the official deadline to MONDAY April 18), it's now time to gallivant across the old country...

Activities will include: golfing, traipsing through Scotland and Ireland, stalking the castle and homes of our ancestors, getting lost, drinking, and just general family fun.

I will have some internet access in Scotland... so, maybe I'll log on and post some pictures and updates along the way.

Otherwise, good luck to everyone racing in the next couple weeks.. particularly those running the Country Music Marathon and The Flying Pig!!!!

And for those of you in Scotland and Ireland... uhh... watch out.


LAPT said...

Have fun! Congrats on surviving this year's tax season, too.

BTW, at a lot of the blogger meetups in Boston, I kept talking about your blog and how it's one of my top favorites. So... yeah.

Teamarcia said...

Have a wonderul trip!