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Friday, April 22, 2011

International Run

3 airports.
16+ hours of travelling.
4+ pints of beer.
And one enormous bull upon arrival….
Yeah, this handsome gentleman is outside my bedroom window.
So, the Griswalds made it!
And after a hilarious drive from the Edinburgh airport to our house North of the city, we got to our beautiful rental and headed out to find some grub.
Just down the road is a cute little village and we stepped in for dinner and a few pints.
Then we headed to a grocery store where we meant to buy food for breakfast, but ended up buying a whole lot of booze. The family who drinks together…
By the time we got home and figured out what time to get up in the morning, I passed out and didn’t roll over till my alarm woke me up… For a brief moment, i lied in bed… thinking… well… I’m sure mom isn’t up yet… I can sleep a little more.
And then I heard a tap tap on the door. It was my mom, she was dressed and ready. So, I mustered the energy to get up and get dressed and we headed out for a run.
I mean seriously??? RUNNING IN SCOTLAND. Holy Shit!
Unbelievable. It’s so gorgeous here. And uhhh.. a little windy and uhhh.. a little hilly.
4 miles down! And now it’s time to do some exploring…


reedrunner said...

Weather looks a little misty. Been beautiful here in North of England today. You should get some good hill training in whilst you're there!

April said...

So awesome! Hope you guys are having a blast! Miss you!!

Tanya said...


Drink a pint for me. have fun!