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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Absolutely Not Ready...

After months of grumbling about the bitter cold (the wind!!!), the frozen icy sidewalks, and the rainy and dark skies of winter... it's now time to switch gears and start bitching about the summer.

Yes, I said summer. It was 90 degrees here this weekend. 90 on April 10. WTF?

And it's not just the temperature... it's the humidity! In April! Saturday morning Carolyn and I headed out for a 10 mile training run for the Indy Mini Marathon. 10 miles... no big deal, right?

It actually turned into a 9 mile death march. I was sweating so much that I rubbed raw spots between my nose and mouth from wiping the sweat off my face so many times with my shirt. And you know what? That shit hurts. Sweat is salty. Sweat dripping onto an already raw spot on your face... NOT PLEASANT.

So, while I spent the last few months fantasizing about running in shorts and short sleeves... I am now decidedly NOT ready.

FU humidity. (Thank god I'm not running a spring Marathon. I might keel over and die at Indy).

Where is the ideal place to live and run? Does such a place exist? My requirements:

1. Low humidity. I can handle higher temps if the humidity is low... so, maybe a range like 50-70 degrees YEAR ROUND.
2. No snow. I don't run on icy sidewalks.
3. Little rain. Running in the rain is not my ideal.

Where is this place? In Amy Fantasyland?

P.S. on a sidenote... once tax season is over, you'll be hearing a lot more from me. I MISS blogging and have some plans for the blog... just nothing that I can implement until my busy season is over.


Allie @ The Constant Pursuit said...

I went out for a 10 miler on Sunday (80*) thinking yay! Sun! Shorts! The first five were all fun and games; the back five, I absolutely swear I sweat out five pounds.

Anonymous said...

Denver isn't a bad place to run. Sure, we get snow. But it's sunny so often during the winter that generally it melts quickly and then you're good to go. We have basically no humidity. You'd just have to adjust to the altitude, which would only take a couple weeks. Plus, you like running trails! We have some great ones.

MissTonay said...

The perfect place is San Francisco. Granted, you'll have to move across the country and never own a home again due to the astronomical cost of living, but the weather is good for running, so who cares?

Running Librarian said...

I love the sun while running. Just leave the heat and humidity behind