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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Breaking it down.

Do you feel like once a week, I'm posting about how I'm in a funk... either alcohol-induced, flu or sinus-induced, slow and/or lazy induced funk? And then every Monday I declare that it's a new start?

Yeah, it doesn't just feel like that.. it's become the general theme of my posts lately.

Granted, I have been busy. But, honestly... I'm usually busy, that's not really a valid excuse. I've been doing this running thing long enough to know that something's off. And I just keep thinking that it's a short-lived, just this week funk. But, then it comes back the next week.. and I make up some other kind of excuse for it.

What is the deal?

If I'm being completely honest... I've been in this funk since I became a maniac. Did I overtrain last summer and burn out? I LOVED last summer though. I LOVED that I was in the routine, that I was dedicated enough to run 60+ miles a week. And it seems like I'm always trying to get myself back to that.

I thought signing up for a 50k would kick my ass in gear... but, it didn't really. I just ran a couple of marathons as training runs and then kinda pussyfooted around the rest of the time.

I need a new spark.

Maybe I'm not running enough races. Maybe I need to sign up for something big. Suggestions?


Beth said...

Have you done a triathlon? It's fun, a challenge and will give you a nice break from running.

Mrs. Duffy said...

I like the tri idea, but it sounds like you're over trained. You need a longass beach vacation with no running! Do that first. Then train for a tri.

Chris said...

Well, I think it's the winter time blues, and when Spring finally gets here, you will snap around.

I know it's affecting me.

lawmonkey13 said...

I tend to agree with Chris, but I'll admit to toying around with the tri idea. What about going back down to smaller races? The time commitment isn't as strenuous, and the speed of the shorter races might really pump you up.

Matt said...

How about you actually RACE a race (well, besides Irish Car Bombs) :-)

Or you could try and become a Warrior:

Anonymous said...

I agree with the prior 2 comments -- focus on the 5k. It will be shorter and faster workouts that will get you back to feeling like your bad@ss self again. Use the predictors and set a challenging goal and then train for it.

johnking said...

I love how its bookmarked as "bitching".

I get burned out easily, my advice, still run, but don't make it a #1 priority for awhile.

Anonymous said...

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