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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thank you.

I love having a blog... ask and ye shall receive. You guys are awesome! So, since a lot of you offered up great suggestions (okay, well there were actually only 8 comments, 2 of which were spambot comments about viagra and online casinos that I had to delete... but 6 legit comments is a lot for this little blog!) I thought it was only fair to address the suggestions and comments.

I do have a disclaimer though... for those of you who don't know me in real life (you lucky bastards), I've been accused a few times in my life of being called a contrarian. In fact, I recall one crazy ex boyfriend telling me that there was a picture of me in the dictionary next to the word, contrarian. Which obviously isn't true... but, I have to admit... I am kind of that way... and I know it's frustrating to all my friends... I ask for help, advice, etc they dutifully dish it out and then I go and do the complete opposite and whine and bitch and moan about the outcome. I blame it on my parents for making me the youngest child. So there.

Now onto the suggestions!

1. The Triathlon. a-ha! This is seriously a brilliant idea. I've always wanted to do one (if for no other reason than to be able to have the license plate holder that says something to the effect of : "triathletes do it three ways." Which, to be fair, I don't even really fully understand the pun that it's trying to make, but nonetheless it sounds simultaneously smutty and hardcore which I of course LOVE). But there is one thing holding me back from training for a triathlon right now: M-O-N-E-Y. Ugh. I don't own a bike. (The last bike I owned had a purple banana seat, a white basket in the front and a a kick-ass unicorn license plate). Or a helmet. Both of which I assume are requirements for triathlon training and competing. And... I don't have a gym membership in which to practice swimming nor the money to pay for proper swimming lessons. I'm pretty sure that dogpaddling and flailing aren't really legit swimming strokes. So... one day.. yes, I will be all over the triathlon and doing it 3 ways all over the damn place and whatnot. Just not this year.

2. The Warrior Dash:  Matt suggested that I RACE a race (I'll come back to that point) or run some awesome obstacle course race that includes mud and beer called the Warrior Dash. Which.. does sounds pretty freaking awesome, but.. A. I don't think there's really any training involved in preparing for that race.. at least not training I would practice. I'm already pretty damn good at the drinking part. And B. I'm running a marathon that weekend. Wah-wah. Thanks for the idea though... I'm game for next year!

3. Train and Race a Shorter Distance: Now, I gotta admit.. at first I was like... ehhh.. I hate racing and I blew the idea off. But, I started thinking about it... and maybe you guys are right. Maybe that is a good idea. So, I'm thinking about running a 10k the weekend before Big Sur. It's about a month away and will give me something small to focus while still plugging away at the miles for Big Sur. I've also got a Half Marathon planned for April 3, and am hoping that attempting to semi-race that will also break me out of my funk.

So, in the end... I actually am taking your advice. Which means.. come mid-April, if I'm still feeling this crappy, I have like 3-4 of you to blame. Muahhahahahaha. Passing the buck, baby. That's what I do.


Beth said...

Totally understand the $/tri dilemma. But, now that you know you want to "tri" it, here's what you do:
1. Keep an eye on craig's list for a bike. So many people buy them and never use them, so they end up selling them cheap for extra $.

2. Helmets are $20 so no excuses on this one.

3. Do one in a pool and then you don't have to be a pro at swimming nor worry about drowning. Highly recommend a pool for your first.

In the meantime, I'm going the shorter distance myself. I'm burned out, too (and it's only March??)

Amy said...

I have a friend that just got a bike off of Craig's list for FREE. Just keep your eyes open for good/free deals and a tri maybe in your future sooner than you think :)

Jofrid Bjørkvik said...

Hope you keep on writing, whatever distance you run! Thank you : )

Anonymous said...

I'm doing the Dairy Dash as my very first 10K. Looking at the times from last year, I fully expect to come in dead last in my age/gender group (and most others as well). But it will also be a good excuse to eat ice cream which I don't think I've had all year. You should totally do it too... iiccceeeee ccrrreeeeaaaammmm.

Spike said...

Can you ever be too good at drinking? I like the idea of a 10K race, and rock out this weekend!!!