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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Year in Review

Well, here we go folks... the one time of the year where I can bore you all with my accomplishments of the year and not seem like a total self-obsessed asshole.

Running-wise 2009 was my best year yet. And though, it started off a little shaky (with my first DNS (did not start) race, the Resolution Run of 2009. Let's just say a day full of drinking, a football game I barely remember, and a night of more drinking made for a very sick Amy the next day) I recovered nicely and had a helluva year.

In Review:

Mileage: Will be just shy of 2400 (600+ miles MORE than 2008).
Marathons: 5 (St Louis, Grizzly, Madison, Flying Monkey, and Huntsville)
States Crossed off my Marathon list: Missouri, Montana, Alabama
Marathon PR: St. Louis 4:12:57
Half Marathon PR: Cedars of Lebanon Frostbite Half Marathon 1:49:54
Became a Marathon Maniac: 2 marathons in 48 hours.
Placed First Female Overall in a Race: Beer Mile
Placed 2nd Overall Female in a Marathon: Madison Marathon
Participated and Captained my first 200 mile Relay: Bourbon Chase Relay
Placed in the 2008-2009 Season of the Nashville Striders Grand Prix in my Age Group.

I did everything on my list except run in the Nudist 5k and that's ONLY because the race was cancelled (Boooooo).

Good-bye 2009. We had a great year.


Mike Russell said...

2 marathons in 48 hours -- that is for big ballers. Congrats on the great year.

Beth said...

I wish I'd started reading your blog a lot earlier! Girl, you are a NUT and I love it!! Two marathons in 48 hours? And the beer mile?? OMG. I was crying when I read it. So funny.

Looking forward to reading your 2010 adventures :)

Anonymous said...

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Melanie said...

Wait. Were you planning on running in a nudist 5K?