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Thursday, December 31, 2009


Well, now that I've bragged about 2009, it's time to dig deep into my inner cockiness for another post and tell you all the wonderfully awesome and kickass things I will do in 2010.

1. Run an Ultra Marathon (Will scratch this off the list on January 17th. At least, I hope I do).
2. Run 3 other Marathons.
3. Run a sub 4:00 Marathon.
4. Set a new Half Marathon PR.
5. Set a new 5k PR.
6. Captain team NashMash for a 2nd consecutive year in the Bourbon Chase.
7. Be a pacer/gear bitch for an Ultra Racer.
8. Cross two states off my Marathon List.
9. Get down to 120-125 pounds and stay there.
10. Run more miles next year than I did this year. (More than 2400).
11. Defend my Nashville Female Beer Mile Title with another win and a new PR.

End 2010 stronger, fitter, and more accomplished than I started it!


StangLuvr said...

I actually ran today for the 1st time in 6 weeks. Gained 17 lbs in 6 weeks thinks to eatting like i was still running and beer. Hope to build back up so I can tackle the 11.2 with ya sometime in late Feb.

Congrats on the GREAT 2009 Running year!!!

johnking said...

I dont want to see the scale after the holidays. What a great set of goals. Im debating on the bourbon chase, my friends team won the mixed this year and they said it was awesome.

The beer mile champion is a title with some ring to it!