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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First run in 2010: FAIL

My 2010 was celebrated much like you'd expect Amy's 2010 to celebrated: with alcohol. A lot. And two hours into the new year, I was right where you'd expect me to be: puking in a toilet. A new year? Indeed. A new Amy? Not so much.

It's okay. I had a helluva time celebrating the last two days of 2009 and the first 5 days of 2010 having fun with friends in North Carolina. Drinking was first and foremost on the agenda and I nailed those tasks like the ole pro that I am.

I went on the trip with the expectation that I would run some while I was there... And I did. Once. On New Years Eve. I covered 11 miles and immediately started drinking afterwards. Fitting for 2009, don't you think?

And then I never ran again. Hangovers and general laziness got the best of me and I just decided to screw it and not worry about it. Yet, despite the drinking and bad food choices I made while I was gone, I ended up back in Nashville 2 pounds lighter than I was when I left. (A wee bit dehydrated, methinks. or severely dehydrated, probably).

Tuesday night I went to bed around 4 am. I woke up at 9, threw my shit into a suitcase and was dropped off at the airport. I was picked up at the Nashville airport at 1 pm and went straight to work.

When I got a text from a friend about a night run at 5:30, I jumped at the chance. I had missed running and was eager to get my first 2010 run under my belt. It was rough though, I'm not going to lie. Between the cold weather, my extreme tiredness, my 6 day hangover still lingering, and my lack of hydration, I wasn't enjoying the run. And then about a mile in... this happened:

I fell flat on my face on the sidewalk banging my right knee hard in the process and worst of all: tearing my $50 Underarmour leggings.

I'm going out on a limb here and say that this can't be some sort of sign or anything, because I literally fall like once a month on runs. But, it wasn't exactly the awesome first run I had been envisioning.


Beth said...

OUCH!!!!!!! Sorry about the leggings, too. If you're looking for a killer band-aid, I found one that works like a charm. Johnson & Johnson Tough Pads.

Hang tough :)

April said...

That's brutal. And you know you can expect more blood next week when you run your TRAIL ULTRA!! You know what they ain't a trail runner unless you bleed.

Mike Russell said...

Ouch...try Tegaderm from Nexcare. Put it on your scrape for week and it should be good. Keeps all the crap out of it as well.

johnking said...

Ducttape those leggins and your totally fine, same color as well. Great battle scar!

Paul said...

OUCHY! Sounds like your leggings were big on the "under" bit and not so big on the "armour" component. I'd say take 'em back and plead for a refund on the basis you bought them to protect you from falls like this one. Just a thought? Hope you heal soon. Paul :-)

Melanie said...

Oh goodness. I hope you're recovering ok!