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Monday, May 18, 2009

A Love Letter...

Dear Cotton,

Unfortunately, our love has become a clandestine affair. I'm constantly being told how bad you are for me. Everyone puts you down. They all think I need expensive, fancy dancy tech tees. They tell me there are better fabrics out there for me... but, I don't care what everyone else says... my love for you goes beyond wicking and sweat absorption. It's about comfort and the way you make me feel.

The tech tees have their benefits, sure. But, there is a softness to you. A tech tee is always rough when I use the sleeves to wipe away my sweat. But you, Cotton, ohhhh you are always so soft and instead of smearing the gritty sweat like the tech tees do, you actually whisk the sweat away. I love the feel of your loose baggyness, I love the fact that I don't have to suck my stomach in when I pass a hot runner like I do in the tight, scanty tech tees. I can let it all hang loose with you, Cotton.

There's also the convenience factor. You can be washed and dried with fabric softener, so I don't have to separate you out from my regular laundry. I don't have to spend money on new shirts. I have a generous stockpile of old, soft, baggy t-shirts.

I do have to admit to some minor infidelities, however. There are times when I stray... When it's over 75 degrees out, when it's raining, when I have to stand around or drive home after a run, or when I start running after 7am in the summer. And I always feel guilty, but like a true friend... you always forgive me and are so understanding.

So, I'm taking this opportunity to announce my love for you. It may not be a glamorous, storybook romance, but it's perfect for me.



And now... as a tribute to the Cotton Tshirt, I'm posting a pic of my absolute fave tshirts to run in:

from left to right, top to bottom:
Jamaican Me Crazy- Sooooo freaking soft and about 4 sizes too big for me. Plus extra points for the shade of green. Love it.
Country Music Half Marathon 2006- Soft and large, my first half marathon. Nice memories.
Random Old Navy Cheap Tee: Big, but not long. Also very thin.
Vanderbilt: For whatever reason, the day I always end up wearing this shirt is the day I run around Belmont instead of Vandy. Weird, I know.
Michigan State: My lucky running tshirt. Also, my favorite t-shirt in general. I've never been able to find another tshirt that fits me like this one does. A Christmas gift from an ex boyfriend. I buy plane tickets to see his little brother graduation, and he buys me a t-shirt from his Alma mater. Awesome. Needless to say... we didn't date for very long after that.
Random Oversized Tee: I think I found this shirt at Target for like $2 or something. It's sooo incredibly soft. So, it's been a good investment.
The College: Ex Boyfriend's old tee shirt. "The College" is what College of Charleston likes to call themselves. It's an enormous shirt on me and it's developing a small hole. Probably will not be in rotation for too much longer.
Harvard: Random tshirt that I bought at Target again for cheap. Again, SUPER soft.
Skull & Cross Bones with Gold Tooth Tee: I love this tshirt in general. It's funny. You can't see it, but the skull has a shiny, gold tooth. I have a thing for pirates, so it suits me. Anyway, it's very thin, which I like.

I realize that my proclamation of love for cotton t-shirts makes me less hardcore of a runner. But I can't help it. I love running in baggy cotton. And I'm no longer ashamed to admit it.


J said...

Haha, nice post. I love cotton T shirts as well. They are just so comfy, even for non running activities! I am with you on the loving of cotton!!

April said...

You should get a cotton bumper sticker. Also, why have I never seen the skull and crossbones tee?

Spike said...

I’m glad you have a Michigan State t-shirt and that it ranks high up there as one of your favorites. I'm sorry to hear the Spartan who gave it to you was lame.

so you know, I love cotton as well, just never when I run.

justrun said...

I agree! I love my baggy cotton college and bar t-shirts for running. And when you don't have to suck it in, its always a good day.
Also, I covet your skull and crossbones T. :)

StangLuvr said...

Vandy-Montana is soooo going to rip this post to shreds! You do lose a few hardcore points for this. But none the less, a very good post. Still don't top the drunk race review...CLASSIC!!!!

Vandy-Montana said...

'Vanderbilt: For whatever reason, the day I always end up wearing this shirt is the day I run around Belmont instead of Vandy. Weird, I know.'

That's it? That's all the love Vandy gets? Methinks you need a new Vandy shirt. At least you have a Vandy shirt and not a USC...

Also, I would encourage getting a Montana shirt...we can always use another Grizzly

StangLuvr said...

Hey Amy, I tried out the Shot Blocks this morning on our run. I ate 3 at 30 mins. About 1/2 from the end, I felt like I got a swift kick in the arse! They hit me hard and it was good. I think I will try them out again on my long run Saturday and then the 10k race on Monday. Kinda hard to chew, but they are not that bad!!!!