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Thursday, September 11, 2008

When the odds are stacked against you...

I'm a total creature of habit. Like, seriously... I'm like a 4 year old kid: I'm happiest when I'm following my routine... get me out of my routine... and again, I'm like a 4 year old kid (except my tantrum resides deep inside me, instead of in the middle of the toys r us or whatever). So, it is fair to say that I eat basically the same things all the time, I go to bed at basically the same time every night, and I get at the same time every morning... I'm boring and at this point in my life, I'm fine with that.

So, since I eat the same things all the time... I rarely have weird stomach issues (unless alcohol is involved, of course, and then all bets and routines are off). But for whatever reason last night at 2 am I woke up with the most excruciating stomach pains I've ever had. I got up out of bed and ran to the bathroom. It was like something in my belly was desparately trying to get out... whatever way it possibly could.

I ended up stretching out on the cool tile floor of bathroom and cat napping while curled up in the fetal position. My overactive imagination spinning through thoughts of being found lying dead on the floor of my bathroom, half eaten by a pack of wild dogs (ha, ha, sorry I couldn't resist the bridget jones reference there). Eventually, the cramping stopped and I crawled back into bed around 3:30.

When my alarm clock went off 2 hours later, I contemplated skipping my run, using my stomach as an excuse. But, then I remembered I had taken yesterday off, so I needed to get my ass out of bed. But let me just tell you... it is INFINITELY harder to get out of bed at 5:30 these days than it was like a month ago... It is still sooo freaking dark out at 5:30, and it's so much easier to want to push off a run when it's pitch black outside.

I climbed out of bed though and made it outside. Initially, in the darkness... it was humid and it started sprinkling... but it wasn't too bad... as long as it didnt downpour and ruin my ipod, I was okay with some light rain. But then... then my stomach started grumbling... it got progressively rowdier as the run went on and by the time I had hit the mile mark, I was running back to my place... After a brief stop at home, I pulled my shirt up, pointed at my belly and said... "Enough! you've had your time and attention... now it's time to shut up and let me get my freaking run in!" (I seriously did that... no joke. When you live alone, you do weird things like talk to yourself).

And you know what? It listened! I finished my run and am now feeling great. I'm still trying to figure out what it was that started all this drama in the first place, though...


Big said...

Sometimes you have to be firm and speak frankly to your stomach, but it will listen. Great job not giving up and finishing your run.

Kel said...

I hate it when the stomach acts up - its few and far between when I have moments like that, but suffice it to say I've tried a run or two before when I've had to turn around and head home. Maybe next time I will try your tactic and just give it what for...see who's really boss!