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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Greg's Gourmet Portabello Spinach Wraps

It's been awhile since I've posted a recipe and that's cause I really haven't been doing a whole lot of cooking. But, we're trying to get back into the habit of healthy dinners and last night's was so delicious that I wanted to share with you. Here's what you'll need for these Portabello Spinach Wraps with Basil Mayo:

Portabello Mushrooms
Fresh Spinach
Low-Fat Italian Cheese Blend
Light Mayo
Fresh Basil
Mission Garden Spinach Wraps
(We didn't add Sun-Dried Tomatoes, but I think they'd be good also)

-Chop up your basil very finely. A food processor would be perfect for the job, but we don't have one. I just used a blender and it worked ok. I also added a little olive oil...

-Mix the basil into the mayo and spread it on a tortilla wrap

-Cut the portabello mushroom into strips and saute in a bit of olive oil

-Saute the spinach

-Put the mushroom strips and spinach on the wrap and sprinkle with cheese

-Roll it all up and place it on a panini press for a couple of minutes until everything melts together and voila! You have a gourmet wrap!

I realize that most people probably don't have a panini press, but you could just as easily put them in the skillet or on the grill.

We cut up some fruit and broiled some asparagus for our sides and it was sooooo good. I totally wanted to eat a second one, but decided that it would be really good the next day. I'm looking forward to lunch today!


Kel said...

That looks yummy!

Big said...

thank you for making me extremely hungry and making my reheated pizza for lunch to utterly unappetizing.