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Friday, September 12, 2008

Weekly Pace Setter: ERIC

Name: Eric

I run in: New Balance 882s (fat guy shoes). But, I just ordered a pair of 1062s that are a little more attractive.

The Good Stuff:

Why do you run? I’ve always had a problem keeping my weight down. It allows me to eat what I want to some degree. I still have to watch myself though.

How long have you been running? About 21 months consistently. I’ve always had to run for soccer. But until January of last year, I’ve always run because I “had” to. Now I run because I love to.

Are you training for anything right now? I’m training for the Harrisburg (PA) Marathon in November. It will be my second. I ran MCM like a certain blogger here is going to this year.
Running Pet Peeve: Don’t wave back. I am a pretty friendly guy and wave to runners and bikers alike. Most runners wave, but it bugs me when they don’t. I’ve found that intense bikers rarely wave. That doesn’t bother me as much for some reason though. Us runners gotta stick together, right?

Favorite Running Song: Don’t really listen to music when I run much anymore. But, I used to love Jesus Walks by Kanye West.

Favorite race: I like 5ks and 5 milers because I’m “faster than I am long”. But, I like training for the distance running because it has a nice pattern to it. I like the normalcy of a long run on Sundays.

Favorite place to run: I like to run Rails to Trails in the area, but rarely get to. I’m a street runner and usually just do the same ole courses over and over.

Short Term Running Goal: Run a sub 4 hour marathon at Harrisburg.

Long Term Running Goal: Run a sub 20 minute 5k.

Favorite Cross-training activity: Running? Oh… I guess biking if I have to. Walking with my wife and dogs?

Favorite inspiring quote: I guess I have to give you the one from my blog… “Many are stubborn in the pursuit of the path they have chosen, few in pursuit of the goal.”

Post Run Guilty Pleasure Food: Whatever is close… and lots of it! I have been known to go to Taco Bell and eat a bunch of tacos.

Running Gear Wish List: I love gear… My Garmin 205 just went down. Don’t know why yet. But, that might be on my list now.

Proudest Running Moment: Finishing the Marine Corps Marathon last year. I paid for it though. I was on crutches for 2 weeks.

What’s the best piece of running advice you’ve ever received? Don’t be afraid to take some time to reach your goals. You’ve got your whole life to run and achieve.

Favorite Race Fuel: Apple Pie Clif Shots
Wildcard Questions:

Magazines you currently have subscriptions to: Runner’s World

Where would you love to visit? I’m a traveler… I’ve been to Paris, London, Ireland, Costa Rica and all over the United States. I’d love to go to Africa or Australia. But… with a kiddo on the way and a 2 year old, I don’t think I’ll be doing any international traveling in the near future.

What is in your CD player right now? Not sure… I don’t listen to music much. But, it’s probably one of my 3 Kanye CDs or old school Biggie, LL or James Taylor (I know, that last one is a curve ball).

What is on your nightstand? My jeans, light, and a bunch of kiddie videos for my daughter.

Thanks, Eric!!

Ok dear readers of this blog, who else would you like to learn more about? If you'd like to nominate a runner blogger, send it to us in a comment! (It is totally ok to nominate yourself. You know we would do it).


Kel said...

Love the quote, Eric. Good luck with your upcoming marathon!

Big said...

Best of luck with your sub 4 goal, I hope you make it. And I love me some K West as well!

Joe said...

you should do some of those scientists. they're pretty awesome.

Eric Gervase said...

Thanks... I've pimped your blog at mine. So, I hope you're prepared for the traffic load. Ok, you'll most likely just have more traffic from me admiring your blog with me on it. :)

steve said...

cool interview. nice to learn more about mr.stubborn...