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Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend in Review...

Friday 5:15pm: Get out of work late on a Friday. Arg!

Friday 7pm: Date. Blah.

Saturday 6:30 am: 7 mile pansy run. I'm such a freaking slacker these days. Ugh.

Saturday 10:30am: Work. (Uggghhhhh... working on a football Saturday blows).

Saturday 3:30pm: South Carolina's god awful, gut wrenching loss to UGA begins.

Saturday 6:37pm: Start drowning sorrows with beers (two Saturday nights in a row! Woo hoo.. it's like I'm 23 again or something). FYI: drinking to forget does in fact work.

Saturday night 2:30am: Go to bed. (again 2 saturday nights in a row, boo ya).

Sunday 7:30am: Wake up (sans hangover!!!!!) and manage to pound out 5 miles of a hill workout in about 75 mph wind gusts while getting pelted by windblown debris.

Sunday 11am: Spend time with my mom and do laundry.

Sunday 4:45pm: Lie down for an hour-ish nap.

Sunday 12:30am: Wake up from the nap.

Sunday 12:35am: Go back to sleep. (I slept for almost 13 hours last night. Crazy).


Kel said...'re dedicated to run in the wind! I woke up and walked outside for a 4:30 run, took one look at the wind/rain/lightning and I'll run later.

Didn't think I'd win the battle against the wind.

April said...

Check you out-party animal!!

Big said...

those 13 hour sleep-a-thons are awesome. nothing like waking up and wondering what day it is.

Dana said...

I can't even REMEMBER the last time I had the time to sleep that long!