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Thursday, August 21, 2008


The good news:
I got some new shoes! Check it:Mizuno Wave Inspire 4s. Say word, son! Now I've got 2 brand new pair of running kicks, which is awesome because now I can alternate. From what I've read, this is a good thing because it minimizes injury due to the fact that the shoes fit you differently. You aren't striking the ground at exactly the same angle, every step you take. Sounds good to me. The best thing about these shoes is that they cost exactly $1.80!!

I use a Cashback Discover Card and you can either get cash back (duh) or you can take it in gift cards from companies that partner with Discover. Most of these companies actually up the amount of your Discover cash. Foot Locker is one of these partners and they offer $25 for every $20 in Discover Bucks. A great way to get new shoes, isn't it? So I requested my cards:

I got them pretty quickly and went straight to to do a little shopping. With my gift cards and a promotional discount code that I found online, my total came to under two bucks. Very sweet.

Now for The Bad News: I ordered these shoes on 6/16/2008. I was placed on the backorder list 4 times and finally got them yesterday. Let's figure out how many days that is...That's 65 days, folks. I guess I wasn't a priority cause I got them so cheap. Here is what I have to say to Foot Locker:

I think you get the picture. Gonna try out the shoes tonight...hopefully they'll get a better review!

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Big said...

I think Foot Locker owes you a gift card (or some kind of store credit) for making you wait over nine weeks.

But you can't beat the price.