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Friday, July 18, 2008

My name is Amy, and I'm a cheater...

When I started training for this marathon, I decided to do things differently.

1. Amp up my weekly mileage totals.

2. Incorporate an additional off day into my schedule.

I felt like those two things go hand in hand... I would have more quality runs (less fluff days) and to make sure I wasn't over doing it... take 2 days off a week, instead of just one. Brilliant, right?

Well, it would be brilliant... except... that I'm a cheater. That's right. I admit it. I cheat on my training plans. But, not in the way you'd expect.... I mean, sure we all cheat sometimes and skip a day or whatever... but, I cheat on my REST DAYS. I mean, how sick is that???

All week as I've climbed out of bed at 5:30 or 5:45, I've thought to myself... okay, well, I'll take a rest day tomorrow and I'll be able to sleep in. But then every night, when I go to bed, I say to myself... well... I did have that slice of pizza today or those cookies... so, I'll just take a rest day later in the week... until, it's friday and I've ran out of days! Oops! So, what did I do this morning... I got up and ran 3 fluff miles. Why? Because I had a slice of pizza yesterday for lunch and 2 cookies. It's like when I get into training mode... I become this crazy calorie counting nazi. Which seems like a good thing, right? Except that I don't stop myself from eating things that I want, just because they're bad for me.... I just say to myself... ohhh... well, I'll just run extra to burn that off. But, bloody hell I need freaking rest days sometimes!!

What this boils down to... is that I need a cross-training regime.... some other way to feed my calorie counting obsession. That way, instead of cheating on my rest days... I can just cheat on my running :)

But finding a cross-training regime for me to stick to is nearly impossible. I mean, the thing I love about running is that I get up early in the morning and step outside my door to do it. I don't have to drive anywhere, I don't have to plan around it. I just get up and do it and it's fast and easy. But, I need to buy a bike or join a sports league or something. Uggh.


Rhonda said...

You're funny! I love how running extra is cheating...sounds like you're extra motivated and should be proud...can I have some of that please!!!!?

Kel said... should be ashamed of yourself...cheating?! What a bad example! :) hahahahahahaha

The whole cross-train thing is hard, there are day's I don't want to run, but it's still much easier than cross training....

Dana said...

I hate to agree w/ ya,but you're right. You need get your cardio in another form on your x-training days. I do the ellip & swim at my local gym to burn those cals & trust me,IT does work. But doing the bike or joining sports league are good too. You definitely don't want to become obsessed w/ burning cals to the point that you do more harm than good to your bod & derail your training altogether.