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Monday, July 21, 2008

I tend to get a little ahead of myself with the planning...

So... there's this little race in my hometown every September. Last year, I really thought about training for it, but ended up slacking and thought... ehhhh... I can do that some other year.

Well, this weekend.... on my runs... the idea of the race came into my head again. Hmmmmm.... maybe I could do it this year! Sometime over the course of last year, I found a training plan that made it seem so easy and totally doable for me, so I saved it on my computer. I started thinking about that training plan... "yeah, yeah, I think it was only a 6 week plan and I'm probably exactly 6 weeks out from the race right now. Yeah, yeah, this is a great idea. My best idea, yet."

I started to get excited about it. Sure, I was thinking of the logistics and how I would probably finish DFL (dead f*ing last) in my age group, but whatever... at least I'd accomplish it and it wouldn't interfere with my marathon training at all. It would probably help it, even! Yeah, yeah... great idea, Amy.

Nevermind the fact that this little race is a freaking TRIATHLON (Old Hickory Lake Triathlon). Which means, not only would I have to learn how to swim 400 yards without going into cardiac arrest and drowning, but I would have to purchase a bicycle and a helmet and learn how to ride a bike again. But, I want to do it. Really, really bad.

So, I get into work, excited about the possibility. And I pull up the training plan and it's an 8 week training plan, which is great, except... the race is in 6 weeks. Upon perusal of the training plan.... the first swim workout in the plan... is the entire distance of the swim part of the race. 400 yards. So.... umm... I'm not sure what to think about that.

Oh well, I guess there's always next year, huh?


Kel said...

awe, come on, what have you got to lose? Nothing right?? Just go for it, think of it like your first marathon more stuff!

Eric Gervase said...

Weird... first swim is the entire distance? That's interesting. I've been feeling like scaling back lately. But, more power to ya!

Dana said...

Well at least if you're thinking about it now,you PLAN to do it next year..;-)