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Friday, June 13, 2008

Sweet Mrs. Boone

Mrs. Boone lives across the street from us and she is just the sweetest little thing. She's nearing 80, I think, and can't get out in the heat too much. But when she does, she always waves me over to chat about another some new neighborhood gossip or share a plant from her yard with me. Well, a couple of nights ago, after I had done my 5 miler in 93 degree heat and some yard work following the run, she called me over for a chat.

Mrs. B: How do you do it?
Me: Do what?
Mrs. B: You just love it don't you?
Me: Love what?
Mrs. B: Running around like that...
Me: Oooooh...running...yes...I do love it!
Mrs. B: I used to do that when I was your age, but I couldn't do it in this heat.
Me: Well, I'm training for a marathon
Mrs. B: Really? Hmmm...


Mrs. B: Is your face blistered?
Me: No ma'am. It just gets really red after I run, especially when it's hot like this.
Mrs. B: Oh, ok. Well you should slow down and relax some.

Jeez. I know my face gets a nice, rosy glow...ok, tomato red...after working out, but blistered?!? You sure know how to make a girl feel pretty, Mrs. B.

Here are pics for your comparison. The first one is me, normal and the second one is me after running (duh).
Red? Yes. Blistered? I don't think so. Hmph. Even if it were blistered, is it polite to point something like that out? Aren't you just supposed to act like you don't notice?

But I guess that's a perk to being old. You can say anything you want and get away with it.


Kel said...

You know, fair skinned people always look redder after a run -

K.C. said...

So envious of how much you run. It is just something that I want to do so much and am not doing it. Cannot seem to get myself to do. What exactly is my problem? Kayce

Jeff said...

Cranky old kooks :)

Dana said...

I'm w/ you. You look redder but DEFINITELY not blistered. Can't wait to get old so I can what I want w/o thinking!