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Monday, June 16, 2008

Gluttony Week.

Today marks one week until I start officially marathon training again... and so I've dubbed this week as: Gluttony Week. Much like Shark Week on the Discovery Channel is full of sharks... Gluttony Week here at Twenty Six Point Two will be full of gluttonous acts (well, at least as far as I'm concerned, I know April has already started training, so I doubt she'll be participating in Gluttony Week).

What types of gluttonous acts, you ask? Well... let's just say I started the day off right. For breakfast, instead of my typical fruit... I had some cherry pie and some s'mores pie. In addition to eating lots of bad things (on the agenda for this week: Chicken Nachos from Corner Pub), I also plan to drink a bit more than normal... or, as I like to refer to it... Booze it up all week long.

Luckily, I am going to Memphis this weekend to hang out with April... this trip coincides nicely with the planning of Gluttony Week. Now, I'll still be running throughout Gluttony Week... I just won't be watching what I'm eating, drinking, or going to bed at 8pm. And I'm going to run April's long run with her this weekend, which I think is supposed to be an 11 miler. So, I'm sure that Gluttony Week will have a bit of an impact on my running performance... but, it's Memphis... I'll just blame the heat.


Kel said...

Ah..I love glutteny's like christmas in the summer!

April said...

Dude! You know how I have no willpower!! Are you trying to bring me down with you? I've been doing so well...I'll crash and burn and you're supposed to be my good example.

Just Kidding! Have a good time:)

Amy said...

Dude... if I'm your good example, you're already in a sorry, sorry state.

Danielle in Iowa said...

Smores pie for breakfast? I want to live in your house!

Dana said...

Ummmm...where did u find s'mores pies?