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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Food, Glorious Food

Lately, food has been center stage in my life. I think, by now, it is clear to long time readers of this blog that I'm all about some good food-especially good Italian food. Well, lucky for me, I spent the last four days here:

Memphis Italian Fest. This year, we were invited to be a part of a great team. Now before I get to the food stuff, let me first say that the best part of Italian Fest was our team--Oliveus. Team Oliveus is full of fun and crazy people that I'm now proud to call friends. All weekend long, we worked, cooked, ate, drank, laughed and danced together (in near 100 degree weather!!) I even found a new running partner who runs at the same pace as I do! That's hard to find!
Greg was on the cooking team and had some delicious stuff coming out of the kitchen all weekend cream pasta (his specialty), pizzas, grilled eggplant sandwiches, spaghetti, spinach, bruschetta, seafood lasagna...YUM, YUM!! I'm just hoping the weight gain from food put in my mouth was equal to all the sweating that I did in the heat. Somehow I'm doubting that now I'm trying have a couple of weeks of good, healthy food to get back on track.
Which brings me to the latest food review:
Wild Garden Hummus Dip. In case you don't know what hummus is, here's the Wikipedia definition-Hummus is a dip or spread made from cooked, mashed chickpeas, blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic. Hummus is a popular food in various local forms throughout the Middle Eastern world.
It's delicious, healthy and goes great with fresh veggies or pita chips. I also love to toast some good whole grain bread, spread on some hummus and stack on the tomatoes and sprouts. That's just what I like, but you can be creative because hummus is good on so many things.
There are only 35 calories per serving. It's low and sodium and is packed with protein, iron and fiber. It tastes so good, that it's hard to believe how good it is for you!


Dana said...

So jealous you got to go to an Italian food festival. And you found a running partner!

I've tried that brand of hummus & it totally rocks! I've actually thinned out w/ a little olive oil for dressing for salad.

Amy said...

Whoa... how did I completely miss this post? And a running partner??? Should I be jealous? Don't make me have to be friend nazi again.