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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What is wrong with me??

Apparently, it's officially summer here. For whatever reason this year... we went straight from cool temperatures to hot as hell temperatures with like one spring day thrown in the mix. This morning, when I woke up and checked the temperature it was 77 degrees.

77 degrees at 6:00 am. WTF?

But strangely enough... I have actually enjoyed myself running in this humid, stifling heat. This is way, way, way, not like me. I used to loathe running in the heat. I hated feeling like I was being asphyxiated by the humidity. But, it's like... these last few runs... I've been in some sort of zen state. I enjoy the sweating... the wiping of my face with my shirt sleeves... the beet red face for 45 minutes after I've stopped running. Granted, the longest I've ran so far this season in this heat is 6 miles on Saturday, but I'm hoping to get 8-10 in at some point this week/weekend... and that will be a real test.

Also enjoying the higher temperatures... My knee! Yes, I'm still having some pain with my knee (Sunday, I actually had to walk for a couple minutes during the run from knee pain), but... you know what???? I've now figured out how to run while it heals up! RUN SLOWER. Which works perfectly with the hotter weather. I'm running around 10:00-10:15 minutes/mile right now, till I get acclimated to the heat and my knee is loving that. As soon as I start to pick up the pace and get down in the 9 minute range.... my knee gets testy with me.


April said...

Dude, I'm jealous! I'm going to try to follow your lead and embrace the heat. I'll let you know how that goes :)

Kel said...

Hot hot and more hot...I hear that! Just repeat after me..."I'm a strong, fit runner and the heat is my friend." :)

Dana said...

You definitely need to become "one w/ the heat" cause it will completely kick your but if you don't.

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