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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Beachin' it...

This weekend, I did something I've never done before... Run on the beach. I've ran on the road while I was at the beach, but I've just never wanted to actually run on the beach.

Driving down to Myrtle Beach this weekend for my annual college buddies drinking/badminton extravangaza reunion weekend, I asked my friend who's place we were staying at... "So, are there sidewalks around the roads?"

"Well, I need a place to run."
"Why? Why don't you just run on the beach?"
"Because, running on the beach is hard... and there's the sand to deal with, and the water."
"Why don't you run barefoot?" (another friend chimed in)
"Ughh.. I'm not running barefoot."
"Well, running on the beach is really good for you."

So, I ran on the beach. And you know what? It was pretty cool, actually. It definitely works your legs out a lot more than just regular running. Between that and the wind, I got fatigued pretty early, but I managed to run on the beach Saturday and Sunday morning. 4 miles both times. No knee problems during either run, so I'm hoping that I've shaken that.

Now... my weekend in pictures...


Kel said...

Either the letter did the trick or your knee likes running on the beach...either way, I hope it's giving you a break!

Dana said...

Looks like you had a blast! And I also heard that running on the sand is supposed to be really good for your feet(not quite as much impact) but still gives you a really good workout.