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Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Letter...

Dear (right) Knee,

First of all, I’d like to take a moment and thank you for being there for me these past 28 years. We’ve been through and seen a lot in those years. Ha ha, remember that time I tripped and you busted one of the panes of glass in the back door at the old house? Yeah, I was amazed that you only came out with just a little scratch. You were so young and sprite back then.

I know we’ve had our ups and downs… particularly the college years. Natural clumsiness and booze just don’t go together and through much of those 4 years you were perpetually scraped up. For that, I sincerely apologize. But, lucky for you, I’m a lightweight now and seem to be slightly more graceful.

Anyway... I think we need to talk. We’ve gotten along pretty well, I’d say. There have been occasional falls and occasional tweaks, but all in all… things have been good. Last year at the country music marathon, you did lock up on me and kept me from being able to stop through the entire last 10 miles of the race, but I made it through and you healed up just fine. And you can't say that I don't ever do anything just for you... I started taking glucosamine for you. Remember?

So, this year, when you locked up on me at the Eugene Marathon... I didn't really think much of it. I knew it was your way of reminding me that I can't take you for granted. I get that, I do. But, instead of getting better post marathon, you seem to be getting worse. Today for instance… you felt really good through most of the run, but when I stopped, you locked up and have been killing me ever since. I tried to ice you while I was getting ready. And come on... I think that shows a certain level of commitment to you on my part, since I had to wedge the bag of ice between you and my bathroom cabinet while I blow dried my hair and put makeup on. That was really thoughtful of me, no??

I haven’t been running that much and I've occasionally been icing you, so I figured that would be enough for you to heal up properly. But, I’m not sure what else you want from me. You know I’m not a fan of passive aggressiveness, but I can’t help but think that you are rebelling against me in some way. Maybe you’re upset about being subjected to these everyday:

Or maybe these that I go up 4 flights of multiple times a day at home…
Oh yeah, and I can't forget about these at work that I also go up and down many times a day.
But, honestly, knee… what do you expect me to do? I can’t not wear heels, I can’t take the elevator in my building (makes me feel lazy) and there is no elevator at work! Let’s make some sort of deal… we can work this out, can’t we? Don't give up on me now. I need you, Knee. And I think you'll agree... you need me, too.

This weekend we will be away in Myrtle Beach… I need to run a couple of days while I’m there, but I will compromise with you and take a break from the heels for the weekend. Hopefully that will be olive branch enough for you.

We will get through this... we have to.


P.S. Please keep this confidential (aka... don't let left knee read this... that's all I need is for her to feel like she's not getting any attention and start flaring up, too).


Jill said...

Are you sure it is the right knee and not the pesky IT band? Women have lots of ITB issues...

Under the knee cap or on the side?

Too bad there is not a "knee store" to go and get new one...I'd do the same thing!

Great letter! Also love the Arm idea...might have to copy you on that one!

angie said...

Love the knee letter. You are so funny. Hope it starts behaving soon.

Dana said...

Hopefully the knee did reach for that "olive branch" & kept silent this weekend.