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Friday, April 18, 2008

Running in style...

As you know… I don’t buy a lot of new running clothes. I usually pick things up whenever they are on sale and it’s not uncommon for me to head out running in very poorly mis-matched running apparel. For instance… I’ve been known to wear pink and orange together. This would never happen outside of running.

But, I did decide that I would allow myself to buy new outfits for races. Last summer I bought a teal and white North Face running outfit for a 4th of July race. Ya know, cause I’m patriotic and shit. FYI: North Face products are well made and awesome if you’re clinging to the side of a mountain… but, their running clothes kind of suck. The shorts I bought were okay, they were from their Flight series, but dude, that top is so freaking hot. It feels like it’s made out of polyester and lined with panty hose. I’ve only worn it that once I think. Sucks, cause it wasn’t cheap.

Also, as you know from our picture further down on this page… Ape and I also bought matching running tops for our first marathon. Yes, matching. And yes, we put our names on our tops. I really liked that top. It was a little on the hot side, too… but it was yellow and orange and made me look extra tan. Plus it had a huge ass pocket in the back for keys, gu, etc…I agreed to that top because I thought that it was a unique color combination and would be easy for our entourage set up at various points along the course to pick us out. Little did we realize that orange was like the running color of the year. Seriously… everyone had orange on. Uggh. Anyway… since the marathon, I had a hard time pulling that top out and wearing it. I think it’s because of the shade of orange. It’s a little too UT tinted for my tastes. Unfortunately (or not), I don’t even have to think about that top anymore, because I accidentally washed and dried it with a gu package in it’s back pocket. And yeah, that pretty much ruined it.

For the Memphis marathon, I bought a grey and pink shorts and a pink half zip under armour top. I spent about 80 bucks on this outfit. Only to have to go to Dick’s the week of the marathon and buy a pink short sleeve top because it was supposed to be like 69 degrees. So, make that 100 bucks on that marathon outfit.

Memphis Marathon Outfit (with the originally purchased top)

This time around, I’ve decided to wear an outfit that I got for Christmas. It’s a white, pink, and burgundy nike outfit with a fitted bra top and shorts.

Don't mind the dumbbells, this is from my post about all the running gear I got for Christmas...

So, since I’m not spending 70-100 bucks on a new outfit, I’ve decided to spend that money on something else that I can take and use on my trip to Oregon. And I’ll also get a lot of use of here it, too. Since it seriously rains about 3 days a week here these days.

It's a rain jacket!

I have a couple of windbreakers that I like to wear as rainjackets. Except, they don’t really repel water. They are just kind of slick and shiny so I just pretend that they do. I’ve been eyeing this jacket for weeks now. Trying to justify spending 80 bucks on a rain jacket. Finally, a couple of weeks ago… I picked the color I wanted. The white one… just like the picture up there and then last week… my co-worker showed up with the white one on. WTF? The only time she spends outside is to smoke! What does she need with a freaking rainjacket? Dammit. I’m outdoorsy, I’m hardcore, I’m going to Oregon for chrissakes, I’m the one that needs the White North Face rain jacket! ARRGGGG. (Also.. she's a blonde, so obviously the white would look wayyyy better on me with my dark hair, right?). Hmph.

So, the other day I got a $10 off coupon from Dicks in the mail and I decided… that was it, I’m going to buy that rain jacket. I went to Dicks last night… tried the white one on… and then thought… this is pretty shockingly white. Maybe I should try on a different color. So, I tried the green and fell in love with it. The green it is! Except…. They only had one medium and it had some kind of weird black marks on the sleeve. Uggh. I asked an employee…. Do you have any more of these in the back? Nope… all our jackets are out on the floor. Dang. So, I guess I’ll have to venture out to a different Dick’s this weekend and buy it.

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Dana said...

What's up w/ that co-worker showing up w/ the same color?! I bet she totally knew you had picked that color.

Not pink girl myself but love the racing outfits. I'm the same way(give no thought to what I'm wearing when I run-although all of my stuff is mix-n-match so that helps!)