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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Back from the Dead...

Yeah, I'm back. Tax Season is officially over. I'm still busy, unfortunately... but no strict deadline to adhere to. Woo hoo.

The good thing (I guess) is that the busy time coincided well with my training. I got my two long training runs out of the way BEFORE the busiest time and that gave me some time to recover and not feel bad about sleeping in and skipping runs. Speaking of recovering. Wow. Who knew that a 21 mile run could be so taxing on your body? Jeez. I feel like I'm still kind of recovering and sunday will make it two weeks ago! Crazy.

I do feel like I'm very prepared for my marathon and it's time to start watching my diet a little more closely and getting rest again to get prepared. Probably should lay off the alcohol, too. Especially since I drank ummm.. let's just say a little too much on Tuesday night celebrating. Yeah, we won't talk about that.

As April mentioned in a comment about my long run. I am in such a better mindset for this marathon than for the Memphis marathon. I've trained better, too. Much better. I really feel like I'll hit 4:20. That will be about a minute/mile better than my Marathon best. So that will be a HUGE improvement for me within a year. Course... I'll still have 40 more minutes to shave off to make it to Boston. Yikes. One goal at a time, folks.

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Dana said...

Trust me,after finding out I OWED Uncle Sammy I was ready to hit the bottle & not look back! Glad to hear you're in good shape for you upcoming marathon!