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Monday, April 21, 2008

The day I dream of...

Happy Patriots Day! Happy Boston Marathon Day!

Is it coincidence that my love for colonial and american revolution history collides with my love of running on the exact same day?

I love me some Paul Revere, I tell ya. And you know what's totally cool about him... if you go to his house in Boston... it's awesome. I mean, normally I'm disappointed in old houses because I'm always like.. what?? Dirt floors? Are you kidding me??No separate bedrooms?? But,

Revere... that dude was living it up in style. He was like the Russell Simmons of his time or some shit. Seriously.

Anyway, back to the marathon. As I type this... the elite women have just begun. I don't really identify with them (obviously), I'm in awe and wonder of them, though and would love to be on the sidelines to get to watch them whiz past me while I drank mamosas or bloody marys and slurred.. err.. cheered them on. But, I'll never be an elite runner and that's fine with me. I like my boobs and am happy to keep them.

But that's what makes the Boston Marathon so freaking awesome... it's something to aspire to even though you will never be an elite runner. It's a goal that even a slacker, recreational runner like myself can train for, work my ass off for and eventually conquer.

My first marathon came so easily that I just assumed that I'd be able to whittle the minutes off my time easily and make it to boston BEFORE I turn 30. Now... with another one under my belt and another in a couple of weeks... I realize... ummm... this is going to take some hardcore training on my part. And BEFORE I'm 30 is likely not to happen. I'm going to need those extra 5 minutes I'll get when I turn 30.

But, it's something to dream about and work towards. And one of these Patriots Day's in the future... I'll be running the Boston Marathon as a qualifer. Until then, I'll just have to support and root for all those that have already made their dreams happen.

FYI: for once I'm not using photos from the internet that I stole (thank god for google image search) I actually took the statue photos (I obviously stole the Paul Revere pic, though).


Dana said...

Not a history buff myself but love the pics. Yeah I like my boobs too & have NO regrets about not being an elite runner. But unlike you I have NO desire to run a marathon. But I have the utmost respect for you & all others who do.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it, but you better check those BQ charts again. I think it's the same for ages 18 to 34, THEN it bumps up 5 minutes.

Amy said...

Ohhhhh.. anonymous... you are totally right! For some reason I was thinking it went up at 30... damn... thanks for the heads up.