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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Esteemed readers:

For the past 6 days my life has been rather tumultous. Work of course is busy as hell and I've put in some very long hours, including one that lasted till Midnight. I've had the tragic loss of a dear friend of mine's mother, and my grandma was in the ICU for two days with fluid built up around her heart and a resting heart rate as high as 155. (Thankfully, she is doing better and is in a regular hospital room now).

I seriously thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown on Thursday and Friday. Like, seriously. I don't usually get frazzled. I'm the calm, collected one. I can handle any situation with ease and a smile. But not this week. Yesterday I cried when I kept screwing up the cost/basis of a stock transaction for a client. C-R-I-E-D.

5:01pm cannot get here quick enough.


April said...

as you know, cost basis is a major pain in my ass. and you know what? i cried yesterday too.

Melissa said...

Hey Gals,

I just came across this blog of yours, and I'm so glad to see there are others out there like me who are getting out there and running and writing about it :) I just wanted you to know that I'm rooting for you! Check out my blog if you'd like!