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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hills, postponed...

It's 5:38pm and my intention was to work till 6:30 tonight. Except what I am doing right now? I'm sitting at my desk and blogging. Uggghh. I need to work. I need to work. Except... sometimes... after 8 hours of working.. you are just worked out, ya know?

So, I'm going home in a few minutes and hopefully I'll be more inclined to work late tomorrow. Today was tiresome. I need my couch, my robe, my Fast Money rerun, some baked lays and some cookies or something.

But, this morning, after my sluggish and slow 5 mile run, I decided that I just didn't have it in me to do hills tomorrow. I mean, it's 7 repeats!!!!! So.... I'm postponing that workout till Monday... and tomorrow I'll just run a regular 4-5 miles.

But.... I do have some exciting news for you... Your two favorite bloggers (April and I of course) will be reunited this weekend! April is coming to stay the entire weekend with me! So... you know there will be pictures and Mellow Mushroom pizza.... but.... there will also be two race reports next week, because we are running a 5k together on Saturday!!! Woo hoo.


Dana said...

Trust me I would postpone the hills too after the day you had. But given the fact you cranked out an a.m. 5miler you're entitled. I know you & April will have a blast this weekend. Good luck to the both of you at the 5k & can't wait for the report!

April said...

Yay! Can't wait!