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Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring Break 08

Since my sister, Clara, decided to spend her spring break with me in Memphis, I took a couple of days off work to play and spend with family and friends. We were able to squeeze in all kinds of fun and crazy times, and as promised, I took some pictures for you. So here is my spring break photo journal. Enjoy looking at these pictures of people you don't know, acting silly.

First I arrived in Hendersonville and beat up my brother. I've learned that when I am home for a visit, I have to immediately kick some ass to establish my rank and authority within the household.

Then it was time to dye the Easter Eggs. Mom amuses Banner Puppy with her crazy games while Sister Clara and her Boyfriend Jacob-Jankins focus on skillfully creating their egg masterpieces. Brother Logan holds up a portrait egg that I drew of him. Isn't it amazing how much the egg and Logan look alike? (Logan is on the right) You probably didn't know of my portrait painting skills. Please contact me if you'd like an egg done of yourself for only 3 installments of $39.95. And don't ask me what dad is doing. He didn't paint any eggs so I'm guessing that this is his way of expressing himself artistically. But in spite of everything going on, I think we did a pretty darn good job on those eggs, wouldn't you say? P.S. Logan isn't big on holiday hullabaloo so he did a miniature protest by only doing Sharpie eggs. I especially enjoy the one that looks like Jesus. Well, I thought it looked like Jesus...Clara thought it was a portrait of Greg.

And then it was on to Memphis for fun times at the zoo! Here are a few of the awesome animals that we saw:

We even went horseback riding! Here we are taming wild honeymoon stallions with trail guide Albert. Albert was the strong, silent type.

Yes, we did get some runs in during the week and even did some pilates. But Clara had a hard time doing the pilates because BannerPuppy thought she wanted to play.

And a couple more of BannerPuppy just cause he's so dang cute. Oh yeah, and Clara's cute, too.

So, yeah, it was a great time. And I even got to end out the week at Amy's place, but that deserves a whole separate post so I'll blog about that tomorrow!


Amy said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! Awesome... things I loved most from this post: Logan's sharpie protest, your mom's pic, and of course... Albert. Are you sure his last name wasn't Haynesworth?

Dana said...

Ok..You had WAY too much fun!..jk..Looks like you definitely showed your bro whose boss.

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Anonymous said...

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